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    Tuesday, September 05, 2006  
Let the children come to Me!

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God." (John1:1-2)

There's so much in these few words. After 3 weeks of reading the book of John, I'm still reading the first

To me, the Word is the substance between you and me, between God and us. It's relationship, it's communication, it's love, it's language, it's music, it's spirit, it's a person...

There's a big difference between the ways children learn a language and an adult learns a language. Adults learn mostly by grammar, children adapt. If they're exposed to the language, they'll grab it. They don't have a clue about the grammar, but they can speak it if they listen to it enough.

Ellie's been learning piano through the Suzuki method, which copied this method of language learning into music learning. At the age of 8 now, she can play some of the grade 8 songs, and her piano music goes for 20 pages for one piece. They teach children to play by ear so they adapt music much faster than the traditional reading first way.

When I'm at the prophetic school, they teach us that the prophetic gift are caught more than taught...

During war times leaders of countries have discovered that if you want to destroy a nation totally you have to take the language out of the people...

Language carries spirits...spirit can be a form of language...

These made me think about the ways to approach children about God. How do we raise up prophetic children? How can children grow up knowing God from their spirits rather than head knowledge? How can they talk God's language without even knowing the grammar of the language? Are we teaching them the grammar or are we expose them to the whole language? Can we have purpose driven parenting experience? Can they live a purpose driven life right from the beginning?

It seems that the ability to adapt to a language is strongest when the children are young. Then by the increasing of age this ability gradually decreases. It's much harder for an adult to learn a language than it is for a child. I have perfect pitch in music, that is, I recognize the pitch of sound without being given other sounds to compare with. I started learning music when I was under 3. My brother and sister although professional pianists don't have this ability as they started learning music a little later than I did. That indicates, the ability to adapt to music can be stronger in early childhood.

Babies can be very spiritual in a lot of ways. They react to the emotions and moods and the enviromnent around them. They're quite sensitive to spiritual atmosphere. Sometimes I wonder if they see open visions.

So, with these in mind, I started experiencing with my own kids. I started prophecy to them. Not on a one off occasion, but on a continual basis.

As often as I can, I'd ask God, "Lord, what would you like to speak to my child today?" and I'd journal for them and write down the words specifically toward each child.

It's been an amazing experience.
I've changed a great deal at understanding each of my children and I've seen big effect on them.

It's still at a very early beginning stage. I'd like to see if I continue to do this, would this create a prophetic environment for them so they'd just "grab it" and "get it", to adapt to the prophetic gift and speak the language?

Well, at least this is my new found hobby or passion, whatever you want to call it...(LOL), and I'm having lots of fun!

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