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    Sunday, August 13, 2006  
Daddy's dreams

I've learned heaps from my kids about God and this is what I was thinking yesterday.

You see, if I want my child to learn piano, it's kind of my dream for my child.But then for my child to get that dream it's kind of immature. It'll excite them for maybe 3 days and then when practice and lessons hit they back off. But I really want them to learn.However they can't understand why they have to endure the pain of having to practice everyday. Then the little trick for me is to say, if you practice today, I'll give you a really works for kids. For a while I buy these 50 cents gifts of all kinds just to keep them going. But it gets them into bad habit I know, so after a while I dropped the game.

I remember watching a movie when I was young, how a father wanted his daughter to be a volleyball champion. He said to his little girl, if you win at the Olympics, I'll give you your mom back.This became a huge motivation for the little girl, and she endured all the tough trainings and eventually she achieved. What daddy really wanted is for the girl to be a volleyball player. But he used other motivations, because the little girl simply couldn't comprehend daddy's dream when she was young and couldn't endure the tough training for that cause. But then when she got older, daddy's dream gradually became her dream as well.

This made me think that God also has a dream for us. But a lot of the times we're still like a little kid in His eyes, too young and immature to comprehend His dreams. His dreams don't make any sense to us and don't excite us. And we're most reluctant to submit to the trainings that are necessary and vital for our age.
So for the real little kids He used chocolates....but to get us really passionate about training and pursuing He used our dreams....our desires and yearnings, the things that will excite us and motivate us to do everything needed...until we're old enough to understand His dream.

If I wait for my child to understand how and why I'd like her to play piano, by the time she's ready she's almost too old and she has missed the prime time for training. But if I get her started, however method I use, when she's older, and when she can understand, the basic skills are already there for her to carry on.
I think most parents will somehow experience this training process at some point. And as children of God we can also know that our Father God has a bigger picture, a bigger purpose than our understandings. We might not appreciate the hard trainings or whatever's involved from time to time, but one day when we suddenly "get it", and His dreams become our dreams, we'll thank Him for everything we have learned in the process. And when we're excited about His dream, we're already on solid ground ready to go on to see that dream fulfilled.

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