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    Monday, February 21, 2005  
Hillsong teaching -- Casey Treat

The title for his teaching last night at Hillsong church is "Lesson for destiny from diseases and disasters"
Some notes from the teaching:
Genesis 50:20
If the devil messes with me, I'll make him pay.
Stuff happens, but Casey decided that "no matter what the world does, whatever happens, I'm gonna get better".
The enemy meant for evil, but God uses it to save many. God uses what the enemy does and turn it for good.
The best way to get even is to forget about the evil and focus on the Lord.
2 Cor12:9
When persecution comes, God's gonna show up big time.
When bad things happen, Casey said,"Hmmm, this smells like persecution, I know that good things will happen soon... haha"
David and the Giant: Don't take the way of the world; take the enemy's sword against you to turn it around and get the enemy.

1. Circumstances don't change God, God's word and God's will.

2. God is for me, not against me. He's not my problem.
Sometimes we think God didn't do something to stop the problem then we have a problem with God. We hear this phrase a lot "God is in control"--God is in control in the final picture, but in the daily life, God's not in total control, there's a devil out there: if God's in control, then everyone will tithe, if God's in control, then you'd be a perfect Christian, if God's in control, there won't be any terrorist attacks...etc.

3. I will not limit or tempt God, but will use every tool to fight for life.
Proverb 18:9 When Casey Treat was given a very slim chance to live, one of the doctors in his church gave him this verse. And he decided to get on with chemo. And in 3 months time his result was cleared.

4. No matter what, stay focused on God's plan for the future.
When storms come, if you start thinking on the problems, they'll become part of your life. When Casey was very sick while having chemotherapy, people would often ask him,"How do you feel like?" In reality, he felt terrible, headaches, no strength, nausea... but he developed an answer,"How do I feel like? It doesn't matter, I'll fulfill my destiny. I'll focus on God."

5. Stay close to people who will enpower you, not drag you down.
Prov 13:20 If you're surrounded by negative people, you need to find some new friends. "Some people hate flees, but keep sleeping with dogs."

6. Pray without ceasing, especially when negative reports come.
Don't let the negatives take root.

7. Don't make decisions when you're tired, depressed, in pain or down.
Postpone the decisions when you can, wait on the Lord and let Him give you new strength.

8. Don't let your environment be contaminated by your problems.
When Casey was sick and was taking lots of medications, he put the medicines away each time after he used them, so he didn't have to see them all the time and feel depressed by them.

9. Keep laughing, stay up no matter what.
Proverb 17:22 keep a joyful heart
When you don't feel like it, give a sacrifice of praise.

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    Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Bible college at Hillsong

So I was at Hillsong Bible college today.
Just had the thought last night, that why don't I try out one course and made some arrangement for the kids. Went to the college this morning, got the application form, couldn't be properly accepted yet, but at 2:45pm they agreed for me to sit in the class anyway which began at 3pm.
It was a songwriting class taught by Amanda. I never thought Amanda was a teacher for songwriting, I always thought that she's a scripture teacher.
I tend to get a lot of melodies these days, but I struggle with the words. However a few friends have told me that they actually like writing words, so who knows, we might get together and figure out something one day....hehe.
My real passion and dream is to be able to write some songs in Chinese. I know, we've got plenty of Reubens and Darlenes here in Aussie land, plenty nice songs in English, but not many that can be sung in China openly. The songs that I heard were mostly reflecting brokeness and sadness, so I hope I can write some songs that will make people feel bright and happy.
Anyway, don't know how far these thoughts can actually go or how long my interest will last, but I'm having fun at the moment...(don't laugh)

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    Sunday, February 13, 2005
My cousin

My cousin and his family left for China this morning. They stayed with us for a few days then went to the gold coast,etc. for some tour and came back to our place for Chinese new year. So I had a few busy days having friends over and cooking,etc.

I haven't seen my cousin for like 30 years. But I felt probably the closest to him among all my relatives. I haven't even contacted him much at all during all those years, but I heard a bit about him from my parents from time to time. He's a very troubled man. He's the only beloved son of his parents. His mother had been in prison for about 10 years, for speaking up truth, then after she came out of prison she has been insane. His father who's my uncle was a very good man. My cousin adored his dad and had a very close relationship with his dad. After my cousin got married, one day for some crazy reason his mom kicked his wife out. And the next day his dad commited suicide. My cousin was the first one to witness the scene and he couldn't handle it. So for many years he was very suicidal as well. One day he decided to hang himself as his dad, but the newly bought electric wire broke, and he couldn't understand why. He wanted to leave his mentally insane mom but his father commanded him in his will to look after her until her end. His life was full of turmoil. His wife was a buddist.
Anyway last night we talked until after 2am in the morning and they both gave their lives to the Lord. They were both filled with the Holy Spirit as well. His wife kept praying in tongues and singing for about an hour and she prayed for my cousin to be baptised in the Holy Spirit as well. Her face changed a lot after prayer, it was very bright. She felt very happy, too.
My husband had some vision for them that the Lord will make them very strong and will use them as mighty warriors.
So please keep them in prayers if you can as they're back to China on their own now.

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    Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I have been thinking a lot about Romans 7 and 8 these few days.
Flesh and Spirit, what is flesh and what is spirit. It seems that sometimes it can be a war within ourselves, two different powers in battle.
But how can we come to the complete serenity, that all our world is just spirit without the turmoil of the flesh?
This scene has been coming to my mind so often, that Abraham sacrifised Isaac on the altar. To completely surrender, until God gives back. Even in business, so too often I'm tempted to do it my own ways. But God has been challenging me,"Am I big enough?....Do you want Me to fit into your box or can you just get rid of your box and just come and completly surrender to Me and enter into My serenity?"
So serenity. I've hardly ever come across this word in my world before. But it seems that it's gonna be a main focus in my life now: to pursue a complete peace with God and abide in Him.

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