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    Friday, February 17, 2006  
Prophetic experience

It's mid Feb now, and I still haven't got much idea what I'd like to do for this new year.
I'd like to do a lot of things, like continuing with Bible college, more involvement with church,etc. But with the new baby coming soon it looks like very difficult.

The prophetic school started again last week. I really love it. The whole group was invited to prophesy at a prophetic conference last year, but I missed it as I was having bad morning sickness at the time. But I still love it every time we get together, prophesying to each other.

I remember years ago while I was still in China, I went to see a couple one evening. They prayed over me and then started to prophesy over me. They took turns, one paused, then the other continued, and they prophesied for over an hour to me. What an experience!
They didn't know me very well, only briefly. But the things they spoke to me were so much in detail like they have always been the closest friends to me all my life. It was just like God standing in front of me and pouring His heart out to me. I cried and cried and cried. It was winter in Beijing and I was wearing layers of clothes. And my layers of sleeves were all soaking wet just from my crying. I felt like God was talking to me face to face.

I'd never forget that experience. It was awesome.
And I always wanted that annointing in my own life.

Last month a friend of mine came to visit us at our house, and she said to me that she felt our house will be a house of prayer, that people will come just for prayers. To be honest at first I didn't quite like what she said. I'm not very organised at housework and prayers is my weakest link. But what she said triggered the memory of this prophetic experience I had years ago. It triggered the desire in my heart to be a channel of prophetic annointings.

Last week at the prophetic school a lady prophesied to me that God's gonna give me a new ear to listen. That really encouraged me.

I guess one of my biggest desires for this year would be to get closer to God and really sharpen my ears. I really want to spend more time in the Word and journals. To practise being still and tune into the small fine voice of the Holy Spirit.

Apart from that, I'll try to improve my home management, to keep my house under control.

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Ultrasound Update

I did another ultrasound today.

it's a boy!!!

Both Peter and I got a bit emotional when we saw it on the screen.
The doctor showed us twice and it was quite clear it's a boy.

At the beginning of my pregnancy Peter heard almost an audible voice, clear as a bell, "it's a boy." while brushing his teeth. Now he feels quite relieved that he's heard right.

Last ultrasound we were told it could be a girl as the legs were together and it was hard to see.

But everyone seems to be wishing us to have a boy. Sometimes I even got a bit annoyed. I've been telling everyone that it's a

Oh well..... this is something entirely new for me!

There's hardly anything in the house that can be handed down to the boy.... everything we bought since Kate was born was all pink!! And everything they use is barbies, bratz, fairy...
Typical girls' house. Heaps and heaps of dolls, dress ups......

Ok. don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed....
I'm overwhelmed with joy..... lol

We're quite settled for name. But I'd better keep it quiet for a while in case I change my mind.

Everything's good and smooth with pregnancy. Only the result of the ultrasound postpone the due date for about two weeks. So it looks like an Easter baby.
I'm eating heaps, but strangely I haven't put on much weight like I used to. I'm still quite slim, apart from the belly sticking right out.

The baby's very active. Kicks me a lot. Stretches a lot. Moves around a lot. He makes me feel like dancing sometimes.... but at night when I get up for the loo I feel like I'm falling apart.... all the bones are out of place.

Anyway, it's all good. Please pray for me for a smooth birth! (And thank you all who have persistantly been praying for me to have a boy!)

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