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    Thursday, May 06, 2004  

Mother's day thoughts

Lately it seems to be the way that whenever I go to Hillsong women, God will drop a little message in my spirit during the worship time. (If I don't look around too much)
A lot of the posts that I've written lately were as a result of that.
Today at Hillsong women I actually had a topic for God to answer.(Usually He tells me what He wants to say).
Well, this weekend is the Mother's day, and I've been given so many little presents, art pieces from all of my 3 children that they've been working on in their schools, daycare and church children's services. So my question to God today was, what does motherhood really mean?
The Lord showed me in vision that it starts out like a little tender green sprout that just emerged from the soil. And that represents a child. Then the gardener waters it, looks after it, keeping the bugs away from it, and making sure that all the care that the little sprout needs is provided. Obviously the gardener is the mother. The mother can't make the sprout grow, but as she takes care of the sprout, the sprout grows. Then I see that sprout grows into a little plant, and from a tiny seed, it becomes a big leafy plant that bears lots and lots of fruit, and then the fruit drops seeds, multitudes of seeds, countless of seeds, and they drop into the ground, and they become plants as well. As time goes on, it produces a big harvest. And the seeds are multiplied, moving into all over the places.
And I feel the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit explaining to me, motherhood is like an investment. It seems for the moment a lot of meaningless chores, but if you just spend the time doing it properly, the little sprouts that's in your care will bring you a huge harvest that's beyond your wildest imagination into eternity. This is an investment that nobody can rob away. This is an investment into the kingdom of God, into eternity, and it will multiply and reproduce with a science that you can never fully understand. And one day in heaven when you looked back, you'd say,"I'm so happy that I had my children... what would I have lost if I didn't..."
People are all working crazily hard to invest in things like houses, share market, businesses and the like. But the return of these investment are very limited and can only remain in this world. But if you invest in raising children into the love of God, you're investing into eternity. Just think about Abraham, that seed he had (Isaac) had multiplied and multipled, and his descendants are like the sand of the seashore, and boy, hasn't he got a harvest in heaven!
This revelation has really blown me away. I start to realise how awesome and honorable and meaningful in being a mother.... as I'm in the process of producing a big harvest for eternity.

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