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    Saturday, July 29, 2006  
The prophetic school

So we had close to 50 people (both meetings) at our house yesterday, with the Colley's.
It was good. Really great for start.
I think there're more as quite a few people said they'd come but for different reasons couldn't make it yesterday.
Some people were a bit hesitant or reluctant to come, but were testifying at the end in tears that this is really what they needed. Some were saying that it's just too good.
We had a bit worship at the beginning then went straight into solid, in depth teaching for about an hour. Then lunch break. Then activation, practice. We were asked to find partners then practice prophesying to each other. Then we found other partners and did it again. We did about half a dozen times. It was quite interesting to see that after the first activation practice (the first partner thing) that quite a few people just rushed to look for tissue boxes. People were in tears as they had words spoken to them, and they were even more amazed that God actually speaks through themselves.
There's a real sense of hunger.

I wasn't sure how I'd go with the baby. But it turned out ok. I "pass the parcel" a bit, and Bode seemed to quite enjoy the meetings. At times he's a bit overwhelmed by all the people and being passed around and tickled. But I think overal he's ok.
I'm really excited in what God's doing in our house.

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Peter Wilson Hillsong

To the people who come to my blog by the search phrase "Peter Wilson Hillsong"......
I'm not quite sure who you're looking for, I guess there's another Peter Wilson at Hillsong, but I'm pretty sure that my husband Peter Wilson is not the person you're looking for. I can't think of any reason that he should be famous enough for a search at this stage.....LOL
Sorry that you've found a wrong blog.

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    Monday, July 24, 2006
Dreams and visions

Joel 2:28 "And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, your young men sill see visions."

Visions is about God's nature, God reveals Himself in visions. God took Abraham out in a vision and showed him His promise and Abraham's future.
We see our future, see God's heart in visions.
It happens when we're young. Visions start the journey, they give us passion and purpose to keep going.

Dreams is about God's agenda. God reveals His plans in dreams.
When we're young, we can't handle God's plans. We want to do it our own ways. And often it will take us quite a while to get to a place that we realise our ways are not gonna get us through, only God's ways can get us to God's destinies for us. It took Moses 40 years, Abraham 25 years to be ready for God's plans. And by that time they're pretty old. And when we're old in spirit, we can handle God's plan, and that's the time for dreams in which God reveals in detail His strategies and plans.

Sons and daughters have parents. Parents teach their sons and daughters and pass on their gifts. Prophecies can be taught. Anyone can prophesy if someone teaches him how. Prophesy is a skill that can be learned, nurtured and developed. You need a parent to help you grow into the maturity of prophesy.

"Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days."(v29)
Even if you're not the sons and daughters that have close relations to spiritual parents, just by helping out, by serving, by hanging around, by exposing yourself to, God's Spirit will still pour out on you. You'll witness miracles and receive blessings.
The widow who served Elijah and Elisha didn't prophesy, have visions or dream dreams. But she received financial provision and miracle of resurrection, healing,etc. If you serve, you're at the receiving end of His pouring out.

Anyway these are just some of my random thoughts.
BTW, we're starting another round of prophetic school this friday, dayschool(10:30) and night school(7:30), let me know if your interested!

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Ask, seek and knock

I have been pondering about what these words mean for a while.
This is what I understand for now:
Ask: ask questions. When you come to God, ask questions, and then listen, or do a journal, you'll receive answers afresh from the Spirit, which will reveal God's ways.

Seek: when you worship, and seek, you'll find His presence.
The power and the anointing of God is hiding in His presence.

In His presence, if you keep knocking, with spirit, "deep calling unto deep", and wrestling, you'll unlock the source the power. "The treasure chest" will be opened to you.

Sometimes only when you finished the whole process, get to the knock and opened stage can your prayers be answered.

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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Hillsong Conference 06....purpose driven life....Ishmael.....Selah

I didn't get to go to the conference much at all, but I did read a lot about the conference....positive, negative...posts from highly pumped up teenagers to very angry commenters to pastors...(still waiting for the posts from exhausted volunteers and superheros). I've had people stay at my house for conference so they told me a lot about their days,too.
Then I went to 3 meetings on Sunday at church.
Guess whose message spoke to me the most?
To my own biggest surprise, it's Charlotte Scanlon. She talked about Ishmael.

Well I haven't listened to her tape yet, I only read a couple lines of notes.
but this is how I understand about Ishmael.

Abraham lived a purpose driven life. His purpose? of course it's Isaac.
But in the pursuit of his purpose he did his own best. He involved and engaged the wrong people. He gave Hagar and Ishmael a false hope and relationship. To Abraham it's a mistake. But to Ishmael it broke his heart. Hagar and Ishmael's destiny and life were in jeopody.
I guess they tried to stay together, but it didn't work. It's not God's will for them to stay together,either. So there came a time of separation.
Interestingly there were two separations:
The first time they left, there was anger, bitterness and resentment. They didn't leave on a very good term. Their hope was about to crush. But an angel appeared to them and told them to go back!
The second time they left, Abraham sent them out, with some bread and water. It was not a lot. But it's enough for them to "get a life", and find their own purpose and destiny.

To me the point of having them sent back is for reconciliation. Not to keep on with the wrong relationship, but to settle the issues. Apologies, and just to say sorry...
and a little blessing(bread and water)... and Ishmael found God's favor, too.

A lot of people today are pursuing a purpose driven life. And there's nothing wrong about that. A lot of ministries have found their purpose and are having huge success. But in the hot pursuing of the purposes, they also created a lot of mess. They engaged wrong people along the way, (when I say wrong people, I don't mean the people have done wrong things, although they also could. I mainly mean people with different visions and purposes that shouldn't be combined together.) and they have hurt people.

Like the film clip that Reinhard Bonke played at the conference, the purpose driven life can sometimes be like the huge Titanic. They're having success, they're enjoying the promises, but they also need to look out for the mess they have created. If they keep an eye, and respond properly to the warning signs, then they can avoid all the danger and have a safe journey. But if they ignore the Ishmaels, simply push them away as distraction and nuisance, then these "little people"(as Charlotte puts it)can be like the icebergs, putting the big Titanic in jeopody.

It didn't take much for Abraham to send Ishmael away.... just a bit of bread and water, and they'll find their own destiny.

Richard Robert shared a powerful testimony on Sunday. He said for a time he was really upset with someone. But at a conference he saw this guy and God told him to go speak to him and ask him for forgiveness. Richard felt really hard to do that but eventually he did. The man burst into tears and confessed that he had found some problems against Richard and was just about to expose them to the national TV. But because Richard apologized, the man changed his heart.
This to me is a good example of taking care of Ishmael and dealing with icebergs.

Brian Houston released a new book called "Selah"...meaning to pause and to think about it.

Sometimes we just need to pause, have a good look around and think about some issues.

It's a very good and timely title for a book.

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    Saturday, July 08, 2006
Friday at the conference

I did go on Friday....twice...but didn't really get anything...oh well.
It proved that I'm not a super mom, only a supermom want-to-be.....LOL

So I got there with my friend and 4 kids thinking we can save a parking fee. The kids did their dancing performance at Kidsong. So I hang around mother's room and playgroup with Kate and Bode and tried to watch the screen at the same time. Can't really remember anything from the screen....just too busy chatting, changing nappies, feeding and chasing Kate around. Kate wasn't very impressed with the playgroup and only about half an hour later she just wanted to go home.

Then the other girls finished dancing just after 10am. And we had something to eat and stayed around for a little while. I called my husband see if he'd be ok to pick the kids up so I could stay there but he couldn't. I thought this is not gonna work, trying to get anything of the conference, so we went home.

I so wanted to go back to the early night session(4:30) with Reinhard Bonke. I rang everyone I could think of who could possibly babysit for me for a couple of hours, but didn't have much luck. Then I rang another round of people trying to get someone to pick my friend up from the conference, didn't have any luck either.

I was hoping my husband could finish work earlier for the day, to either help with the kids or pick up my friend, but he finished work after 8pm!

So I went back with all my kids to Acer Arena with my P1 parking ticket(hooray! I got a pass!)and picked my friend home, didn't even leave the car. Bode hated the car trip and he screamed a lot in the car.

So there you go, my very frustrated last day at the

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    Thursday, July 06, 2006
Hillsong conference 06.... Reinhard Bonke

So I made it tonight. I borrowed the friend(who stays at my place for the week)'s P1 carpark pass and went for the session by Reinhart Bonke. I got there late, like 8:30 or so, just in time for Israel Houghton(?) and then Reinhard Bonke.

I love watching him preach. He's so contagious. He preaches with every cell of his body. I love his funny accent.
It seems that he's on a mission to save, but the focus in this conference is not only for the lost and unsaved, but also to the christians. He's on a mission to rescue the Christians out of their mindset, to find their lost talents and buried treasure. His altar call is more for the Christians to repond to the callings of the Lord to step out doing something and make things happen. A lot of Christians are living the preservative ways:stick to the pattern, unwilling for any change and risk.
He's really calling Christians to go out and save. The joy of the Lord is in salvation.

Don't know why, Israel's worship cause me to think a lot about my baby. For a long time we've settled on the name Israel, only till the last few days we changed to Bode, and pushed Israel to the second name. But nevertheless, Israel is still my favourite name. While worship I just kept seeing myself like Bode being hugged by God. I found myself rest in God's arms like a baby to his mom. It's really a place of comfort and peace.

I'm planning to go back to the conference full day tomorrow with all my should be fun hey. (It will really test out if I'm a super mom... as none of my kids are registered to kidsong world that means the majority time they'll be with me...oh well, we'll see.)

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    Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If your searching for my blog for some conference related posts, I'm really sorry....
I can't tell you anything as I'm not going at this stage.
I did have the night session tickets. But the thought of having to drag 4 kids(remember I have a baby as well) to walk from P3 to Acer Arena in the rain really puts me off.
But I'm hosting some people at my house so that can be my part of involving in the conference. It's been a few years that people stay at our place for conference.
There are 4300 volunteers this year. Quite amazing hey. A lot of volunteers don't get to go in to any sessions, but they still love it. Just the atmosphere of the conference is quite enjoyable. I do miss it.
Maybe I'll try to make it Friday. Hope I can get a P1 parking.

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