Beautiful Day

    Friday, October 29, 2004  
Prophesies by Kenneth copeland

Jason's post today has totally blessed me. I feel a 180 degree turn around in my mood after reading this:

Also, I have been listening to the webcast about THE WAKE UP CALL over at as I mentioned in the previous post.

I consider too the prophecy given by Kenneth Copeland regarding 2004 - The Year of Fullness and 2005 - The Year of Overflow. Quote - "By the close of 2004, all callings will come to fullness…All that will obey Me will come into full manifestation...Follow My leading. Listen to Me. Listen to My Spirit... Things that now look impossible and unchangeable will suddenly turn around. To the world for no apparent reason. But you will know the reasons, for your knowing what I am doing will increase and also come to fullness."

AMOS 3:7 - "Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets"

Isn't that awesome!!

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Superblessed Christian blog awards 2004

Superblessed has been holding annual Christian blog awards since 2002. I think I found out about his blog around the awards time in 2003.
Totally unexpected, I even won an award! Most introspective blog (now hang on a minute, I don't even know what that word means yet!).
Head over and have a look, I'm sure you'll make some friends over there.

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    Thursday, October 28, 2004
Hillsong women--Life in the fast lane --Bobbie Houston

I woke up this morning around 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't know if it's the Lord, (one morning I was sure it was the Lord as I heard an audible voice calling my name), but I decided to get up and do my Bible study. I've tried to get up early mornings regularly to do the studies, but Kate's been so clingy, and if it's not 4am or so she wouldn't let me go. I did get up a few times at that time, but then again, most of the nights I only got to go to bed at 2am.

So I got up, got into the word, and what the Lord spoke to me through the word today is Psalm 30:4 "Sing praise to the Lord, ... And give thanks to His holy name." When we're in trouble, praise and thanksgiving takes our eyes off ourselves and direct our focus on Jesus, who gives answers to everything we need.

Then I went to Hillsong women as usual. The worship leader today was Marilyn Brett. She doesn't normally lead, so it was a bit unusual to have her as the leading singer. Anyway, I don't know whether it's her that brought about an unusual annointing or the word that God spoke to me early this morning, it was one of the best worship experiences I've ever had. Actually for a while I couldn't sing, I felt so full in the spirit and I had tears running down. I couldn't worship any more as if I did, I'd probably end up really messy. But the feeling was so wonderful.

Then Donna Crouch gave the talk on giving. She used one of my favourite Bible verses on giving, which is Luke 16:9-13. Her focus was to be faithful.

Oh yeah, before I continue, just for Kerche, Bobbie Houston's son's wedding went well(Ben Houston and Lucille), but because they had lots of candles in the hall, and because Brian Houston preached too long and ignored people waving to him in the back trying to signal him, something caught the fire and they couldn't even put the fire out as he wouldn't stop preaching. (maybe not quite that way, I didn't quite get it, but it's something like that.) Bobbie had heaps of funny stories about Brian, and she loved sharing them at Hillsong women when Brian's not around. But sometimes Brian's at the backdoor peeking. Like today she said they went on snow skiing at a mountain, and Brian's pants fell off, and he didn't even know it.

Ok, back to the topic now. fast lane.
Continuing with the talk she gave last time, she only gave one more point today:
Life in the fast lane is cool, but it's not always easy.
It's a reality, it's full of bends and curves. But it's a upward excursion. Bends and curves needs skills. It's like mountain top. We all like the idea of standing at the top of the mountain, but the way that leads up to the mountain top may not be so enjoyable. It needs our choice to pay the price. Sometimes it requires extreme effort, and we won't achieve without the straineous effort. The question she asked was how bad do you want what you want, and what effort are you willing to put in?
Wishing doesn't make things happen, we need to pull up all energy, and every amount of faith, and to grow that faith, use it so God can give us more.
Climbing up mountains requires spiritual, mental and physical fitness. A lot of people become casualties along the way because they don't know how to exchange their strength for His strength.
A lot of the times people like to choose easy street, but easy street is a dead end street. Achieving goals can be like childbirth. If your traumatised by the first childbirth experience(she had a difficult birth with her first born Joel Houston, 24 hour labour, 3rd degree tare, she couldn't call the potatoes in her plate potatoes...), then you wouldn't have the second and the third babies.

Lastly, she gave a Bobbie tip for doing life: lean forward, commit to the mountains.
Just do it do it do it, in Jesus name.

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    Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Turn the table

Jason sent me an email, I think it's pretty cool. Have a look:

Hi friends

We came across this article by Ray Comfort called "Why I Like Halloween". Although it's more an American thing than Australian, we have been getting approx. 3-5 knocks on our door the last few years. How about you? Here’s an interesting thought.

Check it out -- "When our family came to the United States back in 1989, Halloween was a big part of the American culture shock. It horrified us to go to supermarkets and see such a personification of evil. We would turn the lights off on the night of Halloween, and go to bed early. If the door bell rang, we would ignore it, and pray that the kids, dressed as demons, would go away.

However, about five years ago we decided that we would let our light shine in the darkness. We purchased some candy and placed them and some tracts in plastic bags. That night, over one hundred people came to our door and took Gospel tracts -- over one hundred people! The experience was so much easier than going door to door. There was no feeling awkward as I stood in someone else's property. Neither was there the fear of having a door slammed in my face -- because the world came to my door, and I closed it when I wanted to.

Turn the tables on the enemy this Halloween. Make the most evil night of the year into the most evangelistic. Think about it. Isn't the hardest thing about giving people tracts, having to approach them? On October 31st, the world will come into your property, to your door, and they will gladly take tracts from your hands. So put a welcome sign on your lawn. Put the porch light on, and make sure you take advantage of this God-given opportunity to reach the lost."

Bless ya

Jason & Monica

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    Saturday, October 23, 2004
It's a beautiful day!

It has been rained and rained and rained this past week.
It has been a drought in Sydney for a long long time. We're not allowed to water the grass, very limited time to water the flowers, can't wash cars....
As a result, our grass all died. New grass for our new house! When we first put them in, it was so luxious, so soft and beautiful, it was like a carpet. But over the drought it all died and our backyard looked so ugly. But now after a whole week's almost non-stop rain, pouring rain, it's coming back to life. Yay!! Well, at this stage there're lots of weeds as well, but as long as it's green, it looks heaps better.
It's great to have some rain, although it can be inconvenient for me sometimes, sending kids to school and picking them up, carrying Kate in my arms and run through the rain...but they think it's fun. anyways...
My clothes has been on the line for a whole week...

But it's a beautiful day today! The weather forcast said it'll rain till Sunday, but this morning, the sun's shining, the birds are singing, and all the flowers are smiling...The sky is clear blue with no clouds in sight... It's just absolutely beautiful.

The kids are still sleeping... strange. But I'm not gonna complain about that. Actually just as I finish typing this last sentense I'm hearing someone talking to herself in bed,, there are two talking now....

Ok, better go. Enjoy your day!
Love you heaps...

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    Friday, October 22, 2004
Hillsong women -- Holly Wagner

Holly Wagner rocked at the house of Hillsong women yesterday. She's fun, she's pretty, she's full of energy and she's contagious.

But before she preached, Bobbie Houston announced that her son's getting married next Monday. She introduced the bride to be, and asked her why she loves her son. She said, he's gorgeous, then she's speechless and just said, if you(audience)really want to know, come and ask me. Then Bobbie asked her daughter Laura, why she loves her brother, Laura simply said, "I don't."

Then Christine Caine preached about giving. She said, out of 11 people that Jesus had healed, only one came back and gave thanks, and as a result, that one was made whole. So we can all be healed, in some area, but to be made whole, we need to give thanks. Gratitude leads to wholeness.

Then it's 3:16 -- the dance group. They're a bunch of Asian people mainly, but definately has a spirit of dance among them. Sometimes I wish I could be one of them. ... But, I think I'm too old. I'll just let Ellie dance.

Then Holly. The beautiful, jolly God chick.
Her message was about connection, we are called to connect with each other, connect with the community, we're not to do life alone. People's lives can be a mess, but the mess is just like the back of a tapestry. If we look at all the tread, we wouldn't have a clue what all those threads are for, why do they exist, but if we give their lives to Jesus, and when He turns the tapestry over, it's a beautiful, stunny picture, where every thread finds its meaning and purpose of existance. The current threads of life can be dark and painful, but if we hold on to the hand of the Father, He'll see us through.
She showed a picture where a baby in her mother's womb is undergoing a surgery. The doctor touched the baby with his hand, and amazingly, the baby grabbed firmly of his finger with her hands. The illustration and the picture brought a whole wave of tears among the women. I had a look over the whole audience, heaps of women lift up their hands to wipe off tears.It was very touching.

Holly Wagner is from LA, she and her husband runs an amazing church. So if you're in LA or happen to be there for the weekend or holiday, go and visit them. She actually looks like a movie star, and she speaks like one,too.

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Hillsong Mens conference 2004

Hillsong Men's conference starts tonight, and finishes tomorrow. The speakers include Paul De Jong, Gary Clarke, Allan Meyer, Zhenya Kasevich and Brian Houston.

It's a pity that Phil Baker cannot come,as he's running the Rise conference at Riverview church these few days I guess.

I've tried my best to get my husband going, but he's got to work tomorrow. Y'know, men with work, don't even bother.

But the good thing is, tonight they're having a taste of colour at the same time while the men are having their conference. Guess what I'll be doing tonight instead? Yay! If my hubby doesn't want to go, then I'd be going instead.

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    Monday, October 18, 2004
Weekend at Hillsong church--Brian Houston

Brian Houston's message Saturday night was about do not be distracted. John 12 was the main chapter he was using.
There can be a lot of people in your life, some can be blessings to you, others can be distractions.
He challenged us to stay focused on the purpose that God has called us into, and don't be distracted by family& friends, by disappointments, by oppositions, by misunderstandings, by smallness and limitations, by the time consumers(don't let other people's agenda control your time),etc.

Sunday morning Steve Kelly from Hillsong virginia beach preached a powerful message on faith. (see Jason's notes)

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    Thursday, October 14, 2004
Thoughts of Hillsong women

I listened to a tape of Bobbie Houston's teaching at Hillsong leadership training night the other day. Something she said got me thinking and has hung over me all morning while worshipping at Hillsong women. She said, from a prophesy, the Lord said that the blessings to the church is not yet released, because the women of the house is not yet ready.

I couldn't get over this thought. It kept coming back to my mind throughout the meeting while Lucinda Dooley delivered the message.

I kept seeing a vision of a lady in labour. The lady is Hillsong women. The Lord's going to birth something through her. The baby in her is going to be transfered from a narrow, small place to a broad,open space. But the lady is not yet ready for the labour. The pain is going to be on, and she needed to say, and yell out out, "bring it on!", and work with the pain, go through the labour process to bring the baby into the world.
Coorperate prayers will be a key. United, heart felt, heaven touching, earth moving prayers will bring the labours into the scene and will see the lady going through waves and waves of labour pain until the new birth.

Hillsong women will be God's example to the world what womenhood will be like, and what a lady in the house will look like. When the glamour of God falls on the lady of the house, she will look very different.

Funny how things in the natural often looks very relative, there're so many pregnant women in church these days, even Lucinda Dooley is only 3 weeks away from her due date. It's exactly the same message she's going to deliver both naturally and spiritually into the house.

Lucinda Dooley's message was to continue with what Bobbie Houston has started out last week, life in the fast lane.
Life in the fast lane is not living life small, but to live life openly, expansively and overflowingly. It's a choice, and a continuous choice as life goes on to remain in the fast lane. There're obstacles, but we need to be determined and continue to remove all the obstacles that will come our way trying to get us off the fast lane.
She gave 4 weapons to help keeping us in the fast lane:
1. Endurance: against all odds attitute
2. Diligence: constant and persistant effort to accomplish something
3. Consistency: not unpredictable, constantly the same, no confusion
4. Determination: settled firm, unflinching, make firm decisions, never give up on God, on people, church, yourself, dreams,etc.

It was amazing to see her in the fast lane. She was only 3 weeks away from her due date, and this is her 3rd child. She was hosting the meeting as well as preaching. She walked around, and she even moved a lot of chairs. I remember when I was pregnant, I could only stand up for about 5 minutes. When Darlene Zschech was heavily pregnant, she still led the album recording and stood up for the whole night. I tried to remain in the choir when I was pregnant, and blacked out before the service even started! I nearly threw up on the stage, and that was it, no more choir, I couldn't even made it through the practise. Some women are just so amazing in what they can do. They simply have super energy to keep going and going.

To me, life in the fast lane really means life in the promised land. It's a new season, a new chapter, and we need to live our lives in renewed, supernatural strength. It's just like what the Bible reading plan has led us into today, Joshua10 (see notes), a brand new life.

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    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

J.John, one of Phil Baker's good friends, spoke at Hillsong church on Sunday night.I didn't get to hear his message, but these are the comments responding to a post from Phil's blog.
I got to hear J. John last night at Hillsong and thought he was great. My teenage daughter had a friend who came with her brother who wanted to come because he was doing a Psychology/Geography project on "How Religion is changing the environment in Australia". I was a bit worried because I thought a uni project might not be a very good way to get someone to hear the gospel (in too much of the outside observer role so unable to respond personally). In the end I was very glad J. John was speaking. He was very clear and not too weird. Good for an atheistic uni student. The brother said he had lots to process afterwards. That's good! Anyway I found J. John very encouraging myself so thanks for organising it Phil.

Yeah he was really good. Me and a friend didn't know how to take him at first - but one illustration he used was so powerful. He brings a very clear perspective to the gospel somthing that is a miss in some sermons. Although he did break one of our mics!!! hahah that was pretty funny....... he really inspired me with a back to basic's gospel not layering the truth with "christianese" or the modern way of over explaining the explained.

Yeah he was awesome... really funny.... he had had such a build up that i came so expetant and pumped ya know and yeah he fufilled that expectancy... he was funny but as igotforgiven said he made some really really powerful points.... it was a really powerful simplistic message. It was a great end to a fantastic weekend as we had our youth conference encounterfest.... im always sooo greatful for the awesome speakers that come to our church... and this weekend was one of the best with Pastor Judah and then J.John. it was awesome

hey hey, MR John was an amazing talker. For some odd reason I have no difficulties at all believing that Phil and he are friends. WOuld find it interesting to be a fly on the wall of any conversations you two have.

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    Monday, October 11, 2004
Bloggers meet up

So we had a bloggers meet up yesterday! Jason, Sarah and our family had a great time together having lunch. We were expecting a few others, but for different reasons they couldn't make it.

I'm feeling more and more at church here blogging than physically in a church building. We get to know people in a deeper way, on a regular basis, and we can encourage each other online and fellowship with each other. And we even get to meet each other sometime! More uniquely, it's not a place where thousands of people listen to one or two preachers preach week after week, but a place where everyone's free to speak up for themselves and give their own opinions and share their unique giftings and insights. I think it's really a good way of being church as a kind of complementary form to the traditional church.

Believe me, I'm not trying to put the traditional church down. I believe in the corporate annointing that's in the big church. But sometimes I think something's missing in the big church, especially in the western world. Coming from the background of Chinese underground church, I know there's huge potential in every believer as an effective minister, and somehow I find that individual vitality is compromised in a big church. But blogging can be such a compensation for that. You can be as much of yourself as you want to be.

Thanks Happy, I think your comment has started my ranting mood here.

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Favour finds you -- Judah Smith

Judah Smith was an incredible young preacher. He preached at Hillsong church at 1045 service yesterday.
He believes in arranged marriages. His parents and his wife's parents were good friends, and decided to get pregnant at the same time. They fell in love at an early age, and was so blessed to be able to remain in that love and be rewarded with marriage. He looked such a happy husband and father. There's nothing more touching to me than to see a man and a woman married with both of their first love. They've really got the best of blessings one can have in life. He believes that's the favor of God, and he will not apologize for it.

His main message is about what will you do when God's favour finds you? What will you do when God chooses you?

He believes favour comes from the house of God.
God called Noah to build an ark to save his chosen people and animals and destroyed the rest of the world. In the end time, God has called us to build His church to save His chosen people to the rest of the world.

When favour found Noah, he was faithful to God's calling and fulfilled God's plan and purpose with his life. When favour finds you, are you willing to build your life into the house of God? This is the challenge Judah Smith gave to all the young generation.

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    Sunday, October 10, 2004

While ushering at Hillsong conference, two people gave me prophetic words. At that time I went to the conference mostly because of Jack(She came for the conference from the States): I needed to take her to the conference, and I couldn't afford to be a delegate. I was attending another church regularly. I enjoyed the conference but wasn't sure if I was to be part of the Hillsong church. Then this person came up to me and said,"The Lord said, you shall return." I didn't respond too much, just murmured, well, we shall see.
Well, as a result, God did speak clearly to me, and I did say goodbye to the other church.
Then, also at the conference, a lady was just looking for seat, my team leader recognised her and then introduced me to her, just said my name, nothing else. She didn't say anything to me, but gave me a long, long hug, so long it was almost embarrasing, then she just prophesied to me: "You're craving for a mother, but God says you're loved the minute you were born." At that time I really didn't understand what she was saying. She didn't explain, she also prophesied something else but I forgot what she said. She just went in to find her seat. I guess I can understand the first part, there are plenty mothers(spiritually) around, but I didn't seem to get any attention from any of them. I have always wanted someone to be my mentor, I don't mind at all if anyone wants to look into my life and straighten things out. But I've always found myself rather lonely. I'm starting to understand the second part. Looking back it's probably the hands of God that have stopped all the mothers to get too close to me, or the other way round, me getting too close to the mothers. God has His plan and His ideas on me, and He doesn't need anyone else's help to bring that plan to pass. He Himself is plenty, is more than enough.
In a way I really enjoy the way it is now I'm involved in church. I'm nowhere close to any level of the leadership, neither am I interested. I enjoy watching everyone in a distance. But I feel God every time when I'm there.
I try not to pray too much, cause if I do, I'll get words, and I sometimes feel frustrated as I know they're prophetic words but I don't have the freedom to give them out. I remember when I used to get bored, I'll prophesy to a whole bunch of people in my mind.I remember some of them, (a couple years ago), and returning to church, I actually see some of the words come to pass.
I really enjoy the Bible study program at the moment. A verse from the study a couple days ago was about being ambitious to lead a quiet life and to mind our own business. And this is what I want to do for my life now. Just concentrate on getting close to God, enjoy Him, and nothing else.

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Encounterfest-- Youth conference album recording night

So I went to the youth united alive(?)album recording night last night at Hillsong. I'm glad that they put a combined meeting of youth and the normal Saturday meeting together so I get to experience a little glimpse of what the youth is like, as I was never game enough to go to a youth meeting.
It was pretty cool. The lightings, smoke, everyone jumping up and down ... very hot. But somehow I couldn't get into it. Maybe I AM too old, maybe it's because I hardly knew any of the songs, and they're mostly fast praise songs, it wasn't a "touch down" experience for me.
Phil Dooley was truly a man with the annointing. He brings fuel into the meeting and charges everyone up. Go Phil!

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    Friday, October 08, 2004
Life in the fast lane --Bobbie Houston (Hillsong Women)

Yesterday at Hillsong women Bobbie Houston started a new series of teaching titled "Life in the fast lane".
The scripture she used was Philippians 3:10-4:1, which is about pressing on toward the goal. There's a destiny, there's a journey and there's a race. Our race is not just about us, it affects many others as well.

1. Just want to check that you are heading somewhere, you are at the right fast lane that's going to the right place, not in a dead end street.
2. Life in the fast lane has a very cool definition, it suggests that the fast lane life and lifestyle is busy and exciting, although sometimes it can be stressful.
3. It suggests that a slow lane might exist. People in the slow lane are hesitant, unwilling and behind time.
4. Life in the last lane is not a competition, but it will fast track you to blessings and rewards. Comparison is competitive, there're others in the promised land ahead of you, but there's plenty of room there.
5. Life in the fast lane is fueled by wisdom.
Wisdom is skill of doing life. When the skills are not enough, then you need to slow down, otherwise you'll bump into somebody.

She intended to give 12 points, but somehow she got sidetracked by some of her funny stories that happened during her race in the fast lane, and she only got through 5 points.
She went shopping one day, and halfway through her shopping she looked at her shopping trolley and suddenly realised that her baby wasn't with her:she forgot her in the car, and the car doors were not even locked.
Once she left her two year old son Joel Houston with a babysitter, the babysitter put him in the car and drove out, and through the back mirror she found that the 2 year old baby was chasing after the car: somehow she had swung the baby off the car in her fast lane, but Joel was such a strong baby boy, he managed to pull himself up and chased after the running car.
Another time she was doing a women's conference, and she was allocated a babysitter to look after her 5 year old Laura. She left her some food at home and rushed to the conference, thinking she has already organised a babysitter. Then halfway through the conference the babysitter signaled to her across the auditorium,"where is Laura?" and she freaked out.

Well, she kept on telling her funny stories and forgot about her points. And then time's up. But nobody seemed to mind, neither did she. She called herself a mother from hell, but nevertheless, the kids all survived and they're all doing quite ok.

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Hillsong teachings /sermons

As you can see, I've been writing quite a bit about Hillsong teachings or sermons lately. I do really enjoy them. The stuff I wrote are not usually strict notes, although I'm trying to write more notes now, I'm not a very good note taker. It's more of what the sermons meant to me or what the Lord's been speaking to me throughout the messages. I'm a kind of simple minded person, so if the teachings are too sophisticated or complicated I can't understand very well, so I have to ask the Lord for a simpler way to understand and usually He does give to me. I find the Bible has lots of analogies and stories when it comes to illustrating the truth, and that's what I'd like the teachings to be like as well.

Anyway, I find there're lots of Hillsong fans out there outside Sydney. They'd love to be at Hillsong but can't visit every week. There're websites you can find the news about Hillsong, but not much about the individual teachings. You can also buy the music DVDs, but unless it's the conference teachings, not many people would go into the trouble to buy the weekly teaching tapes. So I think I'd just write a few notes and thoughts about the Hillsong teachings and sermons each week, at least you can catch a glimpse of what the Hillsong teachings are like and some little things about each popular Hillsong teachers and speakers. Even if you are a Hillsong regular member, chances are you won't go to all the meetings each week, and when you miss one or two meetings, you'd still like to have a quick look at what's been taught at Hillsong church (well, the worship are almost the same, but the teachings and speakers would be different). That's why I think it might be worthwhile to write something about the teachings, as I do believe they carry a strong annointing.

I remember a few years ago when I first attended Hillsong church, all I fancied was the worship, the choir, and I didn't take much notice of the teachings. This time returning to Hillsong church, I find myself not taking too much notice at who's singing, who's leading,etc, most of the time during worhip my eyes are closed. And I really enjoy more of their teachings now. I used to be very picky at who's teaching,too. If it's someone that I don't like, my ears will be shut for the whole time. But now, I don't really care who's speaking, the Lord always speaks through their teachings and it's been good. The messages are very powerful, they carry a lot of wisdom. I don't know why, wisdom seems to get my attention these days. I vaguely remember years ago someone from Ruth Heflin ministries prophesied to me that I'll have a teaching ministry or something. I can't even remember whatelse he said, quite a few things. Maybe that's why I'm more interested in teachings these days? I wasn't at all like this before, my husband can tell you , if the teachings were not super annointed, after 5 minutes I was gone. And now I'm even trying to take notes! My husband has always been big on words. If the service only has worship and not enough solid teachings, he'd even think he was ripped off, while I'd be just fine with it.

Sorry I've been ranting a bit today. Maybe I've been reading too many blogs. Well, maybe that's what a blog's supposed to be like?
Anyways... stay blessed!

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    Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Weekend at Hillsong church

I went to three meetings over the weekend at Hillsong church.
This is the notes from the message of Kevin Brett at Hillsong church Saturday night:
Time to roll up your sleeves
1. Don't underestimate how powerful your testimony can be.
2. You need to get a revelation that the kingdom requires your involvement.
He gave a few ideas on how to invite people to church, like combined garage sale, welcoming letter to the people that are new to the neighbourhood, invite neighbours to your favourite restaurant, have a backyard party, card dropping at mailboxes while walking dogs,etc.
3. Understand that this gospel will be preached in all the world, then the end will come.

It was a very evangelical message to me, but interestingly there was no one responded at the altar call. Last Sunday night meeting it was said to have 220 people responded at the altar call. It seems that the youth is really getting the evangelical annointing. It reminds me of a vision that I saw for Phil Dooley the week before while he was preaching, that he was to gather all the empty vessels, empty jars from all the neighbourhood and bring them into the house, and God will fill them up.

Brian Houston preached all the other time. His message is "Carrying the Name" (see Jason's notes)He said the focus of the church at the moment is 2000 salvations. One thing that got me thinking is he said that his biggest testimony is not how well he preached, but after 30 years of ministry, he's still here!

My kids were a bit disappointed, as they've been really stirred up with extremely high expectation by the encouragements and ads from previous services about this super slide they're gonna have on Sunday night, and even though I was sick, they nagged and dragged me to the Sunday night church, and just about the time they got to go on the super slide, it started raining, and the slide thing was then canceled.

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    Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Out of connection

Hi, just a quick hello to everyone that's been coming here...
My computer has been out of connection for the last few days. My husband unplugged the bigpond broadband one day, and when he tried to put it back, it wouldn't work. Anyway, had to wait for a few days for the Telstra technical guy to come and fix it.
He just left, and I'm back on the broadband(YAY!). But I don't have time to blog now, got to pick up the kids and do dinner,etc. Back tonight.

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    Friday, October 01, 2004
Bible study blog

Ok, I've just set up my Bible study blog. Have a look and let me know what you think. The Bible study plan has been going for a week, it's been awesome. Everyday the Holy Spirit showed me something new and exciting, and I have been totally amazed myself. It's way beyond my expectation. This new blog at the moment will only record my own notes, and they're mostly comments that I put on Phil's blog. If you'd like to read other people's insights as well, just visit Phil's blog.

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