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    Friday, October 08, 2004  
Hillsong teachings /sermons

As you can see, I've been writing quite a bit about Hillsong teachings or sermons lately. I do really enjoy them. The stuff I wrote are not usually strict notes, although I'm trying to write more notes now, I'm not a very good note taker. It's more of what the sermons meant to me or what the Lord's been speaking to me throughout the messages. I'm a kind of simple minded person, so if the teachings are too sophisticated or complicated I can't understand very well, so I have to ask the Lord for a simpler way to understand and usually He does give to me. I find the Bible has lots of analogies and stories when it comes to illustrating the truth, and that's what I'd like the teachings to be like as well.

Anyway, I find there're lots of Hillsong fans out there outside Sydney. They'd love to be at Hillsong but can't visit every week. There're websites you can find the news about Hillsong, but not much about the individual teachings. You can also buy the music DVDs, but unless it's the conference teachings, not many people would go into the trouble to buy the weekly teaching tapes. So I think I'd just write a few notes and thoughts about the Hillsong teachings and sermons each week, at least you can catch a glimpse of what the Hillsong teachings are like and some little things about each popular Hillsong teachers and speakers. Even if you are a Hillsong regular member, chances are you won't go to all the meetings each week, and when you miss one or two meetings, you'd still like to have a quick look at what's been taught at Hillsong church (well, the worship are almost the same, but the teachings and speakers would be different). That's why I think it might be worthwhile to write something about the teachings, as I do believe they carry a strong annointing.

I remember a few years ago when I first attended Hillsong church, all I fancied was the worship, the choir, and I didn't take much notice of the teachings. This time returning to Hillsong church, I find myself not taking too much notice at who's singing, who's leading,etc, most of the time during worhip my eyes are closed. And I really enjoy more of their teachings now. I used to be very picky at who's teaching,too. If it's someone that I don't like, my ears will be shut for the whole time. But now, I don't really care who's speaking, the Lord always speaks through their teachings and it's been good. The messages are very powerful, they carry a lot of wisdom. I don't know why, wisdom seems to get my attention these days. I vaguely remember years ago someone from Ruth Heflin ministries prophesied to me that I'll have a teaching ministry or something. I can't even remember whatelse he said, quite a few things. Maybe that's why I'm more interested in teachings these days? I wasn't at all like this before, my husband can tell you , if the teachings were not super annointed, after 5 minutes I was gone. And now I'm even trying to take notes! My husband has always been big on words. If the service only has worship and not enough solid teachings, he'd even think he was ripped off, while I'd be just fine with it.

Sorry I've been ranting a bit today. Maybe I've been reading too many blogs. Well, maybe that's what a blog's supposed to be like?
Anyways... stay blessed!

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