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    Monday, November 29, 2004  
Australian idols at Hillsong church

Barry and Angie, two of the finalists in the Australian idol show sang at Hillsong church tonight. Barry was one of the backing vocals. Brian Houston spotted Angie from the audience and invited her to come up and lead the worship, but Angie didn't seem to know the song... anyway she did sing, just with her own version. Among the final 12, Angie was actually my first choice, but sadly she was the first to leave. But apparently she's gonna sing at Hillsong now.That's pretty cool,hey.

Ok, enough of the idols. You're probably sick of the idol posts here by now. Ok back to the Hillsong teachings.

So I went to three services this weekend. (Am I good or not?!)
Saturday night phil Dooley's talk was about counter cultural living. We're called to live life different from the norm. Counter culture means we're gonna shock some people and mess up how people think.
Sunday morning Brian Houston continued with his series about the leaven and the lump. He mainly addressed three things about the leaven: hypocrasy, compromise and religion. These are the things that stop people from being who God intends them to be.
Sunday night Brian Zahand(got to check the spelling later) spoke about faith. He said that faith is a radical, alternative lifestyle. Hebrew 11 listed a number of people of faith, each with their unique manifestation. He particularly talked about Sampson: that his strength is a secret. He shared his own testimony of faith. Faith is a journey from impossible to possible, it's to hold on to what God has revealed in one's heart and pursue it until God brings it to pass.

It seems that from Friday the message of Hillsong women to all the three teachings of the weekend, to the letter coach Helen Chen sent me, it's all around faith, dream and trusting God beyond circumstances, obstacles and excuses. It's obvious that God is really trying to get through something to me. Oh Lord, help!

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    Sunday, November 28, 2004
Hillsong women -- Maree Dejong

It was the last session of Hillsong women on Friday for this year. Gosh it was like colour. Bobbie Houston said it was like colour also.
Somehow I felt selfish staying in the luxury of such an awesome church. It's like being in a place with food more than we can consume while at some other place people are starving to death. There're people in some places that are dying to hear what we have. Sitting in a place constantly being fed, caused me to think that I should be at a place where I can give out what I have.
Anyway Maree Dejong brought out a phenominon message about faith and dream.
Growing up being abused and into drugs, Maree encouraged us to live a life of dream, and don't live life small with victim mantality. She said that we all have been given a dream and we need to find out what it is. The dream gives us a driving passion to do something special and no one else can do our dreams. And unless we live the dream, we're never gonna fall in love with our lives.
She listed 3 things that can stop us from having what God wants us to have, which is
Complacency: self satisfaction; It sounds noble, but it's a selfish way to live. We need to remember what we do affect others. It's not about us, it's about God. We're to live life big.
Fear: control freaks, fear of not in control, that something might happen.
Self focus: When Moses was at the end of himself, that was a good place to be. We need to lay hold of God instead of letting go of the dreams.

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Colour your world women's conference 2005--Hillsong

If you haven't registered for the conference, you've got to hurry! Apparently there're already thousands of women registered and one of the conferences is nearly full.
So Kerche, are you still coming? It's going to be awesome. I really hope you can make it.
I'm thinking going to the first one as a delegate, and then volunteer for the second. It's gonna be fun. I just can't wait.

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Hot here

The temperature in the car a couple hours ago was 45 degrees, but compared to now, it was nothing. It's around 3:30 here now in the afternoon, and I'm just feeling boiling hot. Wonder what it's like in the States, Canada or China now? Must be cool.

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Absurd Dream

I received an email by Helen Chen this morning, and it really speaks into my heart. and here's the letter: (If you haven't watched the flash movie push the rock, you must have a look here)

Hi Susan,

Do your dreams seem absurd? Do they seem unattainable? Don't
worry because these are the true qualities of dreams. If dreams
were logical, grand AND reachable, then all you would have are
big goals. Big goals are not dreams.

Albert Einstein said that, if, at first, the idea is not
absurd, there is no hope for it.

Want to be a history maker? Don't throw out your absurd
dreams! Lay them out before the Lord and let Him purify them.
Then, embrace the dreams-no matter how weird, unreachable or

When God gives you a dream that seems weird, unreachable or
absurd, it may because the dream does not fit into the context
of your present situations, circumstances, understanding or
knowledge. Or, the dream may be totally out of the expectations
of the people around you.

But, so what? You believe in a God of infinite wisdom, right?

Let Him guide you. Don't easily throw way His hidden treasures-
the dreams- that He has given to you. What about the comments
of those around you? Remember that you are ultimately
responsible to God, not the people around you. Certainly, God
has set up levels of authority in our lives in the interaction
with have with people. Biblical teaching includes how we are,
in love, to relate to those people. However, keep in mind that
one day, God will ask you what you have done about your dream
for which you are solely responsible. People around you do not
share that responsibility.

Have you given up on a dream? Have you stopped dreaming all
together because, at some point, you or someone else thought you
were strange to have those dreams? Get back to dreaming again.
Lift up your dreams to the Lord to see whether He gives them
back to you. If He puts them back into your heart, start taking
steps to manifest them. Faith in your dream alone will not get
you anywhere. You need to take actions. That is true faith.


Helen Y. Chen
Business & Life Coach

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Anthony Callea

If you have enjoyed "the prayer", you'd probably enjoy this or this as well.

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    Thursday, November 25, 2004
Anthony Callea --The Prayer- lyrics

This song has made Anthony Callea a big super star for the moment.
He's one of the final two in the Australian idol.
And here's the video.

Celine Dion - The Prayer (duet With Andrea Bocelli) Lyrics
I pray You'll be our eyes,and watch us where we go.And Help us to be wise in times when we dont know. Let this be our prayer,when we lose our way.Lead us to the place,guide us with your grace.Give us faith so we'll be safe.
Sogniamo un mondosenza pilenzaUn mondo di giustiziae di speranzaOgnuno lo dia la manoal suo vicinoSimbolo di pace,di fraternitaforza che ci dildesiderio cheOgnuno trovi amor
We hope each soul will find.Intorno e dentroAnd let this be our prayer.Just like every child.
la fede cheHai acceso in noi,Sento che ci salver.

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    Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Listen with your heart

So I actually fell in love with this song now. And I don't really mind Casey Donavan, either. I couldn't stand her before. But anyways, she does sing with magic.
But then, "listen with your heart, listen to your soul...." Is that how it's supposed to be? The Bible actually says, the heart is deceitful above everything(can't find where it is now).
I had a bit of heart experience this week. It really didn't take very long at all that I could slip into the pit just like that. Thankfully God intervened, a good friend talked to me over the phone from the States and he really kind of slapped me on the face a few times and pulled me back. Thank goodness. What a deceitful heart!

Anyway Brian Houston preached a message of the year so to speak last weekend. It was about the leaven. Different leaven can develop into different lump. The lump cannot affect the leaven, but the leaven affects the whole lump. What's inside of us determines what we are outwards. The thoughts, decisions, convictions we hold will bring the whole outcome of where we are and who we are on the outside. The bad kind of leaven speaks to me of self-righteousness, and it will develop into pharasees. The good one is thanksgiving(psalm 50:14), which will lead to the full demonstration of grace, blessings and God's power.
So with thanksgiving coming up, I'll start to work on my attitute toward life around thanksgiving. It is really the beginning of God's kingdom.

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Lyrics -- Listen with your heart - Casey Donovan(the Australian idol)

When you can't find your way through the night
When you've lost touch and nothings feeling right
You can't find that path that leads you on
And you don't know which road to choose
that's when you've got to....


Listen with your heart
Listen to your soul
Inside you'll find the answer
The place you need to go

Listen with your heart
Your heart will let you know
No matter where you are
Just listen and your heart will lead you home

And when this world has got your mind confused
And when your faith has gone and run out on you
You can't find that faith in your soul
You don't know which road to choose

That's when you've got to...

Listen with your heart
Listen to your soul
Inside you'll find the answer
The place you need to go

Listen with your heart
Your heart will let you know
No matter where you are
The truth is never far
Just listen and your heart will lead you home

We all lose our way some times
we all lose our faith sometimes
If you just believe and just be strong your heart will take you home

Listen with your heart
Listen to your soul
Inside you'll find the answer
The place you need to go

Listen with your heart
Your heart will let you know
No matter where you are
The truth is never far - just listen and your heart will lead you home

The truth is never far - just listen and your heart will lead you home

Anthony Callea / Casey Donovan
(listen to the song)

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    Sunday, November 21, 2004
Casey Donovan --the Australian idol for 2004

So Casey won. Not exactly my choice, but good on her. She does have an amazing voice. And I guess she doesn't have to worry about leaving a mess behind all the time from now on. Such a dramatic change in a young girl's life.
It was such a huge event tonight, the whole country seemed to be crazy. I guess next year it'll be even bigger.
Casey won because her voice is good. Once she said,"I'm just a girl who can sing." She has lots of flaws, but as long as her voice is outstanding, that's all it takes to get her to the Australian idol title. This makes me think that everyone's good at something, a lot of the times we're trying to be good at everything, and neglect the one thing that will make us different and unique. Sometimes I want to see my kids to be good at everything, but as a matter of fact, if there's only one thing, then that can be good enough, too.

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    Saturday, November 20, 2004
Anthony Callea, can he be the Australian idol?

So I voted Anthony Callea numerous times today. Hope he wins. I pray he wins. Anyway he sings in church, that's good to know. I'd like to see a Christian wins.
He looks to me a bit like Mel Gibson, don't ya think?
He looks cool, and I think a good looking guy can be a better representative for Australian idol than a way too big girl. Casey's got a good voice, there's a chilling effect when she sings, and she looks alright when whe's all done up by the professionals on the stage. But off the stage she just looks too plain and too big...and mean.
I like Anthony's dance movements, too. Just wonder what kind of church he goes to.

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    Friday, November 19, 2004
Domestic goddess -- Hillsongwomen -- Bobbie Houston

I was completely a mess during praise and worship this morning at Hillsong women. I felt God's love so overwhelming, and my tears were flowing.

I so needed God this morning, and I was desperate for His answers in my life. And God so touched my heart.

Funny thing now is I can't remember who led worship this morning.

So Bobbie Houston continued and finished with this series, the domestic goddess.
Her main points are,
1. Balance is really not optional.
2. Learn from both examples and lack of examples. There are lots of ways to learn life from.
3. Spiritual and natural are both important. We need both Maria and Matha.
4. Diligence in the natural sets up the spiritual.
5. Things don't really flourish in an out of control state.
Organised lifestyle makes a way to an organised soul.
6. Domestic goddess is not a gozilla.

Her approach to Susan Sohn last week was so different. She gave us so many practical hints for domestic matters that will save us tons of time running around the house. I love it. For example, if you can read a book, why vacuum? use driers, and use portable wardrobe in the laundry to put all the kids clothes in, then later on they can come and sort out themselves; Keep the treasure, lose the clutter; Don't put things down, put them away; train your babies while they're young; If you live with other people, don't forget it's other people's home,too; Don't go to a house empty handed; create systems; wash the preperation dishes as you cook; design a cupboard just beside dishwasher, it will save you a lot of walking around;create shortcuts...
She gave lots of little funny stories of her household matters. Like the other day they found out a dead fish that's in the oven, and it was beyond smell, they honestly couldn't remember how the fish got in there and how long it had been there, even the helpers missed it for so long; Once Laura got up in the morning to do the toast, and out of the toaster came out a mouse, and it was toasted black...Brian gets into the house or a hotel room, and it only takes 5 minutes for him to blow up everywhere, things all over the place...she tried to train Joel to take his dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry, it was a tough job. Then she told him, she wouldn't wash any of his clothes if he didn't take the clothes to the laundry, it was a very short distance. Joel couldn't care less, so the laundry just piled up in the basket in the bathroom, and one day Joel ran out of clothes, and he just went straight into the bathroom and fished out his dirty clothes and put them on...from that moment on Bobbie decided she'd leave the training job to his future wife. So girls, if your still thinking about Joel Houston, you really need to think again! (hehe)

Well, we've had so much fun with Hillsong women this year, and sadly next week it'll be the last one for the year. It's always a long break before it starts again next year, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself.

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    Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Love is beautiful

I went to Gloria Jeans yesterday while Ellie's having her dance lesson. There were a young dating couple stood there waiting for their coffee. I couldn't help peeking at the girl. I know her briefly. I've seen her around in church. But at that moment, with her boyfriend, she looked sooooo beautiful, so luxious and so full of life. You can easily see that she's deep in love with that boy. And that love makes her so different.
Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. When you have love, true love, you feel God is within you.
A lot of times people tend to pretend love that they don't really have, especially in church, and that doesn't make love beautiful.
I think God gives each and everyone of us a portion of His love in us, toward some people, some particular things, etc. Just like Helen Keller's teacher Anne(I hope I got the names right). She had an extraordinary love for Helen, and she poured it out her life to show her love to that blind, dumb and deaf girl. Her love must be from God. She might not have any extraodinary love for her neighbours or her sunday school kids, but toward Helen, she gave her life out.
God doesn't want us to love every person in the street when we don't have the love. It's hard to love Helen if we don't have God's love. But when God put His love in Anne, she just can't help but to love Helen, and it wasn't that difficult for her to do that.
God gives His love to us toward certain areas, certain people. And He'll let us know it. We don't have to feel guilty if we don't love certain people as the other people do. Different people have different callings. But if we live in the love that God puts in us, and allow that love to flow out, bountily, without excuse, without trying to hold back, we'll see the beauty and the power of that love.
For Anne, Helen could possibly be the only person she loved....but that love has touched millions of people. She became extraordinary because she allowed that extraordinary love to freely flow out.

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    Monday, November 15, 2004
Birthday wishes

A while ago, one night I was already in bed, and suddenly I remembered it was one of my good friends' birthday. I pulled myself up and sent him a birthday card through internet. Nothing particular, just chose one of those already made up Ecard but thought it could be related to him. It turned out that he felt really blessed by that card. He said something like, "it was a very long day, and it was a very hot day... and then your card comes, what a blessing... thank you for remember my birthday, and did you realise it's also my 60th birthday? " I felt he was very lonely, and probably nobody else remembered his birthday, probably even he himself have forgotten about it. But I think the Lord reminded me.
Then just a couple of weeks ago, I felt to give another old friend a birthday card. I haven't talked or seen him for maybe 15 years. A very old friend. But I just thought that I'd send him an E-card to wish him birthday happiness. Again, I didn't write anything particular, just chose one of those already made up cards on the internet and I can't even remember now which card I sent and what words were on that card. Anyway, after a few days he replied, he really appreciated. Then I thought I'd just ring to catch up and see how he's doing. He told me that he had just gone through a relational disappointment and thought that he'd end his life on his birthday. It was his 45th birthday. And just before that, he had a car accident in which he bumped into another car head on. He thought he'd died, but "somehow God didn't allow him and was trying to tell him something."
I tried to talk to him not to be so disappointed, and encouraged him to find God. Interestingly, he told me that whenever he thought of me, he'd always think about God. Sometimes when he's in real trouble, he'd even prayed. He actually have thought that I was his god... Then he just listened quietly to me speaking of God. He had been a hardest person toward God before.
Interesting what a random thought of sending a birthday card can do to people....

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    Sunday, November 14, 2004
Who's the Australian Idol, Anthony Callea or Casey Donovan?

Mel Fletcher is preaching tonight at Hillsong church. He's quite a famous preacher. But then, Anthony Callea got my attention tonight. I decided to stay home and watch the final Australian idol show.
I hope Anthony can win. But it's not that easy for him to beat Casey,either. Who would you like to see win?

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    Saturday, November 13, 2004

My husband just brought an owl in the house, it was sitting on my car. Kids were fascinated, and they thought they got a pet. It's eyes look like eagle's. Cute. Hmmm..... not for me.

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    Friday, November 12, 2004
Jesus is my superhero -- Hillsong live worship for kids album

So I got this video yesterday and have been playing it for a few times. Cool band, cool singers. Becci Wakerly(might need a spelling check later) was the worship leader.
Overall, it's not too much different to the adult albums, very similar formula. But of course, all the people in the album are either kids (school age and above) or youth. A kids choir sing for most of the songs, a kids dance group dance for a song, 3:16 dances... Added to it was a little hint of the spice girls and Hi-5.
But it's awesome to see all the kids praise and worship. It was a huge effort. You can see some kids really entered into worship, and that's quite touching.
The lead song, Jesus is my superhero, has been quite popular in church, and all my kids have known this song well by now. They quite like the album. But I think I like it more than they do...hehe. Jamie has rewinded the first song numerous times now, singing and dancing to the song, even Kate sings and dances with it. But Jamie prefers her to watch and be an audience. She wouldn't let me watch though, so I could only peek.
I particularly like the pink girl who led worship songs, she looks unreal. She has so sweet sugar lips...she's a barbie.

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    Thursday, November 11, 2004
The Domestic Goddess -- Hillsong women-- Susan Sohn

As Bobbie Houston was busy with the funeral of Frank Houston, Susan Sohn brought out the word today at Hillsong women with the launch of the new series, the domestic goddess.
Susan Sohn's passion is about family, friends and community. She has two children, with the 3rd on the way. Her daughter was in the same dance class with Ellie when they were both 4 years old. They looked a bit alike as they're both mixed, Susan Sohn's husband is from Korea.

She said that a happy home is a healthy home. Home is where heart is.The Bible tells us to guard our hearts, and that also refers to guard our homes. Where there's a home, there's a goddess, there's the queen of the castle. It's the goddess that sets the temperature of the home. You can wake up happy or wake up miserable, but it's your choice to set the mood of the whole family and to keep it at a constantly comfortable, cool and cosy degree. And whenever people enter in your house, they'll feel that degree of coziness.
And what does a domestic goddess look like?
She has her priorities; She loves her husband and puts him first; She's organised; She cultivates balance in her life; She's disciplined; She makes wise choices so that she can smile at her future and smile at herself; She's a savvy and she understands life, she knows the storms will come at some point but she's prepared for them; She lives in freedom, she's free to live as a woman that God intends her to be and she understand her identity in Christ...

A Domestic goddess is not a task orientated busy Barbera that doesn't balance life.

Like Donna Crouch, she had her encounters with God in her moments. For example, once she arrived at Sydney airport from Korea with her son, both of them terribly sick all the way. She was in a mess both physically and emotionally and all she had hoped for during the whole trip is that her husband could be with her. Finally she was at the airport and she was expecting her husband to be meeting her. But she didn't find him. She rang home and found him answering the phone and she just hang up on him. She was mad as any woman could be. And her husband expected her to be mad also. The taxi driver was as annoying as annoiying could be all the way and she really wasn't at a place of any cheerfulness. But at that moment, she felt God challenged her: you can stay where you're at and blow up, or you can allow me to take you to another place. And at that moment she made a choice which affected her profoundly later in her life. She realised that life is a moment by moment choice. You can choose to let life dominate you or to live a life that God intends you to live. When she got home, her husband was totally surprised and amazed at the new woman he met, he looked at the taxi driver, and for a while he didn't know what to think.
Another thing she pointed out is life is about creating memories. Family dinner times, special occasions like thanksgiving day, Christmas tree decoration night, birthdays, anything that's worth celebration...
A home is not only a house, it's a haven where people thrive. Domestic goddess plays a huge part in the home environment.

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Hillsong loss -- Frank Houston

Hillsong church lost it's founder- Frank Houston this week. He's Brian Houston's father. And in a sense he's the father of the church as well.

I just felt a spirit of mourning and sadness during worship this morning. It was like the Israelites mourned for the loss of Moses.

In a sense, Hillsong church is like in it's promised land right now. But at it's early stage, Frank Houston has definately sowed his life into the church like Moses did to the Israelites. Brian and Bobbie Houston wouldn't have a church like what we're having now as Hillsong church if it wasn't for the foundation that Frank Houston had laid.

He's not a perfect man, and he's had his mistakes and flaws. But still he's a great leader and a man of God. What he has passed down to his generations to come is a legacy that's enormous and beyond measure. His life is worth cheerful celebration and memorization.

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    Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Just ranting for today

Well, I had a kind of funny day today.

Went to bed really late last night(3am) trying to sort out some computer download programme, then had sort of planned in my head quite a few things to do for today.
Got up late, after 8am, just barely enough time to get kids all ready for school.By the time everyone's at the door waiting to go out, I couldn't find my keys.Was only 5 to nine, school was just about to start, I rushed through the house trying to look everywhere for the keys and couldn't find it. So rang hubby, he didn't have a clue. He said he didn't touch it at all. Ok, back looking for my keys, and then hubby rang back, he got my keys in his pocket. He told me he's not too far away today, so he'd just come back. I asked how long it would take, he said should be within half an hour. So I waited, about half an hour, still didn't see any sign of his return. Then Ellie rang him, and told me he's five minutes away. So I got kids all with their bags and bottles, hats,etc. walking out and waiting by the car. We waited and played, walked back and forth, still didn't see a sign. So we returned back to the house. Eventually hubby returned around 10:30.

Ok, finally got to take kids to school and daycare and then I could get on with my things. Got back, made a cuppa, had some breckie, but before I could even finish the cuppa, the daycare rang...They found Jamie with headlice, and wanted me to pick up Jamie and Kate immediately.

Soooo, head lice....nice, I've never bumped into that one before. And the rest of the day was kind of busy....washed everyone's hair with treatment, washed all the linen and clothes, towels, spent hours on Jamie's hair trying to find something....I thought the treatment had killed all the lice but I could still see little dots moving or seemingly moving... so washed hair again....more towels to wash. Then picked Ellie and did the hairwash thing again. By the time hubby got home and ready for his turn of hairwash, the hot water had ran out. Then he told me he had just heard some talk over the radio saying you don't have to wash all the linen and clothes...those lices will only stay alive for at most an hour. But the stuff I read told me to soak the clothes and linen in boiling water before wash.

Oh well, hope kids won't keep scratching their heads tomorrow.

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    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

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Jamie at Port Macquarie Posted by Hello

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Lock (Part 2)

I've written a post before about lock in the sense of decisions and wills.

Say we live in a house, it's not a new house, and it's not a new lock. It's just a simple lock. Then the thief came and worked that lock out.

After the thief left, we felt broken and hurt inside. But we forget about changing the lock. It's still the same old lock. And after the broken in incident, we still try to manage to keep it going. The result is, either the thief comes back again and find himself laughing, or sometimes we can't even unlock it with the key when it's necessary. We become very confused and frustrated. We either lose our protection or lose our freedom.

Obviously the way to go(if you can't change your house for the moment) is to change your lock and update your security system. There're advaced technologies available to deal with the tactics of the thieves. Those people who invented the technology of the new locks have studied the normal ways how the thieves break in and strategize a provable way to prevent them. All we need to do is to apply the new technology of the locks and use them.

The same is with spiritual conditions. If you find yourself battling with an old situation, frustrated and confused, sometimes all you need to do is to go to an accredited counsellor, who has studied the patterns why people fall into the same temptations and has found some effective ways to deal with these situations. It might be a little costly or embarrasing for the moment, but once you've updated your lock system with new "technology" or new mindset, you'll be able to have peace in mind again.

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    Monday, November 08, 2004

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At the beach Posted by Hello

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    Saturday, November 06, 2004
Touching heaven night at Hillsong--Darlene Zschech

Darlene led worship at Hillsong tonight, it was a touching heaven night, all praise and worship.
It was very cool. There was a strong sense of heaven in the house. It really felt like a king's house tonight. It was awesome.
Phil Dooley gave the talk on giving, but he's a bit lost in words, still too excited and overwhelmed by his new baby boy.
Robert Fergusson led the prayers, quite a number of people got saved and got filled with the Holy Spirit.
Kids album was released for the first time. Yay! It was recorded at Hillsong conference 2004. Wonder if I could see Ellie in it, she's in the audience. It's a shame that she couldn't do the Kids Dance that performed for the recording, as her ballet class time was at the same time with Kids Dance. Maybe next year she can do it. But she's going to be in the Christmas spectacular again this year, it should be lots of fun. She utterly enjoyed her involvement last year, where she was one of the dancing Christmas trees. It should be on Christian TV soon.

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Ellie's birthday party

Ellie had her 7th birthday party at Lollipops playland last night. It was a disco party. She had a ball. It was great fun.
But she was sick most of the day. The night before she woke up screaming, ear infection. Funny she hasn't been sick for a whole year or two, and this was the only day she was sick. I took her to the doctor in the morning, gave her some medicine, and she had a big sleep in the afternoon, and she made it to the party.
Birthdays are so important in kids' young mind. It was such a dream come true moment for them, and the smiles on their faces are unforgetable. It's a day that they feel loved and treasured to the full. Funny how we as parents often try to escape the celebrations. Silly, huh?
I admire some parents that go to the great trouble to organise a huge festival, like this one(Ganns). I can't handle all the hassle. So I always go to some party places like lollipops, Kids Amaze, McDonald, Hungry Jacks,etc. Kids have fun, and I get to enjoy as well.
Ellie's real birthday is tomorrow. She had written down all the things she wanted to do and cut them out and had a draw. Looks like we're going to the beach tomorrow or if it's raining, a movie. And for breakfast, Gloria Jeans or McDonalds. She actually likes Gloria Jeans better, don't know why.

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    Thursday, November 04, 2004
Hillsong women - Donna Crouch

During the worship time, I saw a vision, it was like a wedding ceremony, the bride came with the veil, then the groom unveiled the bride and gave her a kiss. It's a royal wedding, and after the kiss, the prince is going to show his new princess to the world...
Now, the bride is Hillsong women. I felt a heavenly kiss upon the women today, and I felt the Lord, the prince, is going to take Hillsong women by His hand and show His lady to the world. So world, get ready, Hillsong women is coming!

Susan Sohn, whose husband is a Korean, brought out the word for giving. Susan Sohn is a Canadian, but she knows all about kimchi and her mother in law said she makes better kimchi than Korean ladies. The verse she used was Luke 6:38, about pressing down. To me, her message is like spreading the seeds. The seed in our hands look small and insignificant, but if we sow it out, then it might land somewhere else in the world, take root, and shoot up a big harvest in due time. This week Colour your world conference is having a ball in Hillsong London, with nearly 2700 delegates, and this is one of the evidences of harvest of the seeds that we have sown before.

Donna Crouch continued Bobbie Houston's series on Life in the fast lane.
From Eccl 9:10-12 she pointed out that time and chance will come to you, and everyone of us gets a shot in this life. Will you know what to do when your chance is here? Sometimes the chances are already in our hands, but we push it away with all kinds of excuses, like one day when my baby's grown up, one day when ....
Everyone has an equal chance to get on the fast lane, but not everyone is ready for it or can succeed in staying in the fast lane. We got to know the rules.
And here's her rules:
1. Drama queen, where is she in my life now?
When God adds greatness to your life, when opportunities come, life gets full. There's dark side and bright side to it. You've only get so much energy, as we're all emotional beings, do you want your energy to be wasted in allowing drama queen to bring out all the negative attitutes? You really can't afford to do that in the fast lane. In Donna Crouch's earlier days, her husband started out a new business. He worked long hours, and was not making money. Being a mother of 3 with full time commitment in church, she found it very hard to handle. One day as she brought kids home late night after work, her husband still working, the kids playing up, she just yelled out in the car," I just want to be normal!" Then she felt the Lord speaking to her,"Do you really want to be normal?" She realised she had to make a choice, normal or adventure. Either get into what is required or don't do it at all. From that moment, she totally changed. She told herself, "I can never say that again." Drama queen had to die, or she had to be left in the boot of the car.
When you accept your mission and stop complaining, and say "the Spirit of God is upon me, I'm annointed", then you'll find yourself starting to glide through life and climbing up the mountains.

2. Baggages, deal with it.
We all have our baggages, life produces disappointments, but we need to forget about the past, and dump them. We can't afford to live our lives and pursuing our goals with baggages. If there're past issues, just work on them and get rid of them.

3. You can do the right things but in the wrong order.
Life in the fast lane requires us to do the right things in the right order.

4. I don't have to do anything, I want to.
I don't have to get up and get dressed, I can just stay in pyjamas all day long.
But when you say, I want to, it puts you in a really different place.

Donna Crouch represents a key spirit at Hillsong church. Her attitute to life is uncompromising and has influenced a lot of the areas in the runnings of the church.

    As seen by Susan @ 3:09 PM

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New baby -- Lucinda Dooley

Lucinda Dooley finally had her baby this week.... It's a boy, and his name is Zechariah Joseph Philip Dooley.
Jamie has been a good friend with her daughter Abigail through Hillsong childcare centre and the Hillsong Kids. Kate is in the same class as her second daughter(can't think of the name now)as well. Abigail looks quiet and gentle, she feels like a writer to me. Jamie is loud and fast, she knows what she wants, and I think she could be a singer. She has a very naturally talented voice. She's always teaching Kate to sing songs and do all the actions.

    As seen by Susan @ 2:35 PM

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Tania Riches(Tanya Riches?) and Katrina Peoples

These two are my favourite worship leaders at Hillsong church.
Ever since the album "God is in the house", I've been watching Tania Riches. She has such a glorious smile, radiant with the beaming sunshine. Every time she smiles, it's like a beautiful flower fully opened, demonstrating God's beauty. Long before she became a lead singer, a choir director, I've been watching her singing in the choir. She always stood out even if she's hiding in the back rows of the choir or even in the audience. Apart from Darlene Zschech, she's the one that have blessed me and influenced me the most.
Katrina Peoples is the daughter of my favourite songwriter at Hillsong church, Russel Fragar. She definately carried the annointings on with her music. She has an angel's voice and an angel's face. She looks so innocent and so pure. Every expression of hers speaks of her love toward God and church. I'm not sure of her last name now as I think she has recently got married(well if it's not true, sarah can correct me any time). She's a babe.
If there's an idol vote among the Christian singers, these two will be my choices.

    As seen by Susan @ 1:55 PM

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Marty Sampson and Joel Houston

These guys are hot. I mean they're hooooot!!
If there's a Christian idols show, I'm sure these two guys are in the finals. They're young, they're vibrant, they bring about storms.
They're both so talented, in singing, instruments, songwriting,and worship leading,etc.
Marty Sampson has a really super annointed voice, there's a unique quality to his voice. He's very contagious, and his passion has a sweeping effect across the auditorium when he's worship leading.
Joel Houston has a very tender heart. He looks a bit shy sometimes, but he really captures people's hearts. He's not aggresive, but when he does speak, it's very touching.
They have matured heaps over the last two years.
Marty Sampson has already got a girlfriend(bless her!). But Joel Houston? Haven't heard anything official yet. Marty said at the Colour your world women's conference last year to thousands of women(oops, I should say girls) that Joel's looking. And Bobbie Houston pretended she didn't hear it.
So girls, keep dreaming! There's still some chance. lol... and I'll make sure I'm the first one to blog about it once I hear something happening.

    As seen by Susan @ 4:57 AM

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Kingdom people busines tips-- Peter Harris

Jason sent me some business tips from a teaching at Hillsong church, which I think it's pretty cool. And here's the notes:

I found some notes that I took from a Kingdom People Business Edge night @ church on 13/5/04 by Peter Harris. You might get something out of this too -

We can't choose the home we are born into but we can choose how we live life.

Follow Jesus & all things will be added to you.
1 Cor 2:25
Apply principles.

1. Influence determines your destiny. Your friends in life are a key to successful living.

Influence-Outlook-Attitude-Response-Consequences-Life's Destiny

Life is about making right decisions. If you want to make right decisions you need to make sure you have the right people around you.

Don't hang around people who talk down to you, encourage you to do illegal things in your business, avoid tax, etc

It's difficult to recover from a bad consequence.

2. Salt is in high demand.
People are looking for spicy people.
Steven Covey - The Circle of Concern "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
Are you a positive person? Are you salty in your community?
If you are nice to someone, sometimes they are nice back!

3. It's not what you know, it's who you know.
Connect with people. Sense of feeling & unity.
We don't get into heaven because of what we know but who we know!

4. Life is about a higher calling, purpose & fulfilment.
Leave a legacy in your community.
Are you passionate about what you wake up for?
Get excited. Live life don't just go through life.

5. The difference between a man & a dog is that after you have fed them both, the dog won't bite you!
People will let you down-even in church!
Make a decision not to be unforgiving & bitter.
It will consume you. Don't seek revenge.

6. Loyalty & a tight mouth will serve you well.
Back your leaders. Be honest & transparent.
Honor confidentiality & respect others.

7. Wealthy & successful people hunt in packs.
A network working collectively to win wealth.
Life long relationships that connect. Maximise opportunities.
Amazed that these groups are not happening more in church life.

8. It's good to focus on priorities.
Who has completed a "to do" list in a day?
Stop being busy & ask "what is important?"
Re-design your life.
Think strategically. Use time wisely.
Plan for tomorrow.
Your answer lays in what you have now.
Maximise it - make it stronger.
Make sure today works.

9. Trust God.
If you are obedient to Him, He will protect & preserve.

10. Doing something extraordinary often breaks the cycle.
If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

11. Know & live within your boundaries.
Helps with decision making. Set boundaries re: corruption, fraud, ethics.
If a frog is put in cold water & the water is heated slowly, it doesn't know when to jump out.

12. Generosity makes you likeable & magnetic.
Not just money.
Bless, help & be generous in spirit & nature.
Go the extra mile.
Simple idea - smile & thank the toll booth attendant.
Catch yourself smiling.

13. Get mentored by successful people.
Is your financial advisor wealthy?
You need to know when to move on.

14. Connect & participate in your local community.
You need them more than they need you.
You need someone to celebrate & cry with.

15. Turn up the music!

16. Deals are easy & sleep is fleeting.
Take reality checks on deals.
Enjoy your family.
Do the less well!

17. Become a seeker of the unknown.
Do I know everything in the universe?
Read. Get challenged. Expand

    As seen by Susan @ 2:02 AM

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Light blogging

Blogging has been light over the last few days. I have been pretty busy and sleepy. I was trying to catch up with blogging, but just sort of feeling tired all the time.

Anyway, just woke up feeling fresh(and the time is 1:53am) and felt like blogging a bit now. And guess what, I figured out why I couldn't blog for the last few days.....I haven't been drinking Coffee or Milo or tea at all!

Jason suggested meeting at Gloria Jeans before church. Hmm...maybe that's the hint. I should visit Gloria Jeans more often.(hehe)

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    Monday, November 01, 2004
Born today

Want to know who share your birthday? Or your kids' birthdays? This site gives you some answers.

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Hillsong teaching - Brian Houston

Brian Houston taught throughout the weekend services this past weekend. Apart from that, Sunday morning service was a family service that held once a year. So Phil Dooley hosted an animated live Bible story about Daniel and the lions: the king was offered a gloria jeans coffee, and an angel lowered down from the ceiling giving the lions a bucket of KFC. Daniel being a good boy only eating vegetables, especially brussels sprouts, didn't get to eat any of the chickens. Then the angel on the way back to heaven got stuck in the mid air trying to remember his swimming lesson tips of 5Ds. There were a children's choir singing as well. When Daniel was released out of the lions' den everyone was singing "One way! Yaweh"...I felt sorry for the king, he had to eat a brussel's sprout as well. The king made an idol for everyone to bow down, but someone refused, saying "I don't like your idol, I want to bring Ricky Lee back, or Guy Sebastian"...

Brian preached in different services, different verses, different layouts, but same message, about people in your life, and the importance of relationships. We need to know who we are, and have a sense of identity. But in order to know who we are, we have to know who God is, and then find out who we are in Christ. Our true identity comes from who we are in Christ.

To me this is like a puzzle. Each of us is like one of the pieces of the puzzle. The whole puzzle is the community, or the church. We can float around, but if we can't find the surrounding pieces that are meant to be together with us, we'll find our lives disconnected, meaningless and incomplete. We can try to figure out in our own ways, but our edges are so odd we can't really fit into anywhere without clashes. Only in God who created the whole puzzle knows the reason why we exist and where do we really fit. Without us the whole picture is incomplete, and without the surrounding pieces and the other pieces our lives are like wanderers. We need to find our home, and the surrounding pieces and the ones who connect with us can help us fit into the big picture. God put us together, and when we're connected together, He sees a complete picture, and it looks good in His eyes...
Well, that's my interpretation of his(Brian Houston) message, hope he agrees.

    As seen by Susan @ 10:50 AM

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