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    Friday, November 19, 2004  
Domestic goddess -- Hillsongwomen -- Bobbie Houston

I was completely a mess during praise and worship this morning at Hillsong women. I felt God's love so overwhelming, and my tears were flowing.

I so needed God this morning, and I was desperate for His answers in my life. And God so touched my heart.

Funny thing now is I can't remember who led worship this morning.

So Bobbie Houston continued and finished with this series, the domestic goddess.
Her main points are,
1. Balance is really not optional.
2. Learn from both examples and lack of examples. There are lots of ways to learn life from.
3. Spiritual and natural are both important. We need both Maria and Matha.
4. Diligence in the natural sets up the spiritual.
5. Things don't really flourish in an out of control state.
Organised lifestyle makes a way to an organised soul.
6. Domestic goddess is not a gozilla.

Her approach to Susan Sohn last week was so different. She gave us so many practical hints for domestic matters that will save us tons of time running around the house. I love it. For example, if you can read a book, why vacuum? use driers, and use portable wardrobe in the laundry to put all the kids clothes in, then later on they can come and sort out themselves; Keep the treasure, lose the clutter; Don't put things down, put them away; train your babies while they're young; If you live with other people, don't forget it's other people's home,too; Don't go to a house empty handed; create systems; wash the preperation dishes as you cook; design a cupboard just beside dishwasher, it will save you a lot of walking around;create shortcuts...
She gave lots of little funny stories of her household matters. Like the other day they found out a dead fish that's in the oven, and it was beyond smell, they honestly couldn't remember how the fish got in there and how long it had been there, even the helpers missed it for so long; Once Laura got up in the morning to do the toast, and out of the toaster came out a mouse, and it was toasted black...Brian gets into the house or a hotel room, and it only takes 5 minutes for him to blow up everywhere, things all over the place...she tried to train Joel to take his dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry, it was a tough job. Then she told him, she wouldn't wash any of his clothes if he didn't take the clothes to the laundry, it was a very short distance. Joel couldn't care less, so the laundry just piled up in the basket in the bathroom, and one day Joel ran out of clothes, and he just went straight into the bathroom and fished out his dirty clothes and put them on...from that moment on Bobbie decided she'd leave the training job to his future wife. So girls, if your still thinking about Joel Houston, you really need to think again! (hehe)

Well, we've had so much fun with Hillsong women this year, and sadly next week it'll be the last one for the year. It's always a long break before it starts again next year, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself.

    As seen by Susan @ 1:23 AM

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