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    Friday, July 29, 2005  
Hillsong women -- Lucinda Dooley

Exactly a year ago I wrote another post about Hillsong women with Lucinda Dooley which I described seeing a furnace that's very hot. Well yesterday at Hillsong women I felt that furnace exploded.

Lucinda was just all over the place yesterday and she just couldn't contain herself. Something in her just

I felt a strong sense of revival in the meeting.
I felt God is going to pull the walls of the definition of churches down and cause the flames that's in the furnace to go out into the community and that His Spirit is gonna cause all the sparkles and flames into a huge fire that will just sweep across and light up the whole land of Australia.
I felt the Spirit is saying,"You've asked for so come on Australia, let's do it."

She said that in 16 weeks time we'll be unrecognisable. That we'll think, believe and live at a different level, the change will be so significant that all we can say is "wow".
God's doing something new, fresh and powerful in our lives.
We're an army, we're a movement, we have actions, we're going somewhere and doing something.
Summing up a few key words to describe the feature: excellence, passion, vision, team and faith.
Some elements: commited; cause; community; crazy fun; changing the earth for the glory of God.

It's about getting on with God and give your life to resurrection life.
There's life and there's God given life, a life that God intends you to live.
And what does this new life looks like? Romans 8
1. New power in operation
2. Don't cover up the pain. We're to rip all the bandaids off and let all the wounds be healed.
3. Let your obssesion be Jesus, not you.
4. Not bound up by humanity. He has set us free. We're to walk and remain in freedom.
5. There're things to do and places to go. The call of God is upon our lives, and there are destines and plans that only we can fulfill.

For the whole day I just felt a strong sense of God's presence. I felt I was out of breath, that I was panting, and could hardly breathe. It was so thick.

    As seen by Susan @ 9:43 AM

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    Thursday, July 21, 2005
Tongues, interpretations and prayers

I went for the communication class yesterday taught by Robert Fergusson. He had us praying in tongues for a few minutes. Then he wanted us to pray again, this time interpret the tongues out loud. I always knew that if you keep praying in tongues for like 15 minutes then you'd feel a sense of breaking through. But tongues and interpretation all the time? This is kind of new.
On the way driving home I practiced in the car. I spoke a few minutes tongue, then without going through my mind I tried to pray out loud in a language I know. It was amazing. I was actually prophesying to myself! There were a few things revealed to me about myself that I didn't quite understand before. I tried to pray for others, again, tongues first, then followed by interpretation without going too much through the mind, quite amazing.

Last Friday night as I went for the prophetic school again, we had quite a bit of stretch. I'm quite comfortable now praying one to one, think for a couple minutes, then prophesy or speak out visions. But last week the leader had us in lines, and we were to prophesy from one person straight to another without giving us any time in between to think or to pray. As soon as we finished one person, we were to head on to another person and start speaking out prophesies. She didn't want us to think. She didn't want the prophesy to go through mind. Most of us felt a bit stretching, and we screamed as we went on practicing, but it was quite fun.

I suddenly realized that this is another level to step up. To pray without thinking first how to pray, what to say, and just pray like prophesying. And to prophesy without the mind getting in to ponder and to decide, just let the spirit freely flow out. Quite exciting hay!

I never realized that tongues can be interpreted all the time. I never attempted to do so. Only very occasionally now and then. And then a lot of the time I do speak in tongues, and there's not too much difference with just making a whole lot of bubbling noises. But tongues with interpretation, that's definitely edifying....Actually mind blowing at the moment!

    As seen by Susan @ 10:19 PM

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    Saturday, July 09, 2005
Hillsong conference 2005

What a conference! We've had Reinhart Bonnke, Michael W Smith, Joyce Meyer, John Maxwell, Jack Hayford, Brian and Bobbie Houston, Darlene Zschech, Cece Weiner, Phil Baker....

I volunteered as a host, so sometimes I had to miss some of the sessions. But still I enjoyed every moment of it. It was quite exhausting, in the mean time I had two families staying with us, one came from China, and also kids were involved in choir doing their kids album... so it meant early mornings and very little sleep. On the last day I was just so tired I sneaked back to my car and had a bit of snoose in the mid day.

Some of the take home value:

Dare to be who you are. Give yourself permission and freedom to be who you are. An eye is called to be an eye. And if she tries all her life on improving her listening skills she might get a bit of comfort and encouragement from the ears but she'll never be impressed by God.

God gives each and everyone of us a different fire. What is your fire? Reinhard Bonnke's fire is to see souls saved; his fire is Africa. What's that burning passion in you? Are you catching the fire and baptised by that fire? Go toward that fire and you'll burn!

Joyce Meyer: Don't step outside(or go beyond) your annointing. Know your limit.
If you go searching for an opportunity or a job, someone thinks you're fit for a department manager and is willing to give you that job, now if you operate within the limit of that job title and do it really well then there's a high chance you'll be promoted later on. But if you think that job title is too small for you and you act like the boss of the whole company and will not submit to your leader then pretty soon you'll just be fired. Don't try to overrun the grace that's been given to you. But it also won't do you any good if you just operate as a secretary if your job is a manager. We need to recognise the grace and annointing and act accordingly.

Reinhard Bonnke: if you dare to give yourself to the Holy Spirit fully, there's no limit what He can do through you. What He has planned for you is beyond your wildest imagination and dreams. Life with the Holy Spirit is sooooo exciting and hot! It's real life.

Phil: Creativity is in the details. Creativity is a lifestyle. People's lives are affected and touched where creativity is present and sharp.

Michael W Smith was just sensational. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was such a beautiful experience, taste of heaven.

The theme of the conference is "Strength".
Strength is discovered, it's found, it's a gift, it's an unquenchable passion, it's a force that enables us to go through all kinds of trials and still keep moving forward,it's who we are by design, it's His character in us, it's God Himself living in us.

    As seen by Susan @ 11:45 PM

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