Beautiful Day

    Sunday, April 25, 2010  

I was wondering what the meaning of worship is, like why do we do worship, and how is it going to do to us.And as I was preparing for the song "soon", I felt that I found some answers in this song.
Soon and very soon...The time is near, the time is here. Depends on how you take it, for unbelievers, it can mean never. For some, it can mean generations from now, Some has preached Jesus's coming next Thursday, if not next Thursday, it'll be the following Friday...but for the ones who "have a ear to listen and have an eye to see", It's NOW. At this very moment.

My King is coming...The Lord is knocking on the door of our hearts. He wants to come in, to live inside of us, and to live through us. When we worship, we're saying, "Lord, here I am, I'm opening myself to you, please come in, please come now!" And as we do that, we'll see His presence, we'll feel His love.

When I see Him I shall be made like Him......when we see Him, His manifested presence, we'll see the reality of things. We'll see what God sees, we'll hear His voice and know His will, do what God wants us to do, we'll have His heart, and have His power and anointing. We'll be transformed.

I'll be going to the place He has prepare for me....When Jesus left, He was going to prepare places for us. When He comes into our hearts, He'll take us to the places He has prepared for us. For example, when you listen to Hillsong songs, or when you listen to songs from "Streams of praise"赞美之泉, you know that many songs are from heaven, but they're from different "rooms" of heaven? Jesus has also made a room, a special room just for you, that only you can go, and only you can bring that anointing and gifting back to earth to represent that part of Him on earth. You can only be you, and only in Him you'll find the purposes that He has created and prepared for you. We'll find our callings and purposed in Him as we worship, and in that place we'll know that it's Him that has enabled us, and although we can fail and have inadequacies, it's not about human strength, it's purely His grace and loving kindness.

I will be with the One I love, with unveiled face I'll see him, there my soul will be satisfied....Jesus lives in us, and we live in Him. In Him we find who we are and our purposes, and He lives through us on earth. We're created for that intimate fellowship of abiding, and only in that place we'll find deep satisfaction and joy.I heard a preacher saying, he's been very busy doing ministry work, and he hasn't got time to play golf. Then one day he heard the Lord say to him, "why don't you play golf any more?" the preacher said, he was too busy. then he heard the Lord say, "but I like playing golf, and only when you play golf, I can play on earth...I enjoy a good game,but I can't play without you."

See the procession, the angels and the elders around the throneAt His feet I'll lay my crowns my worship....This takes our eyes off this world and see the reality of eternity. See His judgement, His evaluation of my life....see what's important and what's not in eternity. From that place Abraham can offer up Isaac, willing to kill his only beloved son, seeing the reward; from that place the disciples can just instantly leave behind their career, their families and everything else to follow Jesus; from that place 宋尚节 threw his doctor's degree from USA into the sea, and became a servant for God to China; and from that place Jesus went up to the cross.

My crowns: what's most important...what's my highest achievement, who I'm known as, what we hold onto closely and what's our core value.When we change our value to God's eternal value, it's true worship and true sacrifice.

Though I have not seen Him, my heart knows Him well...Jesus is real, He's alive, He lives in me ...we're in a relationship.....every day, every Jesus Christ the Lamb the Lord of heavenJesus Christ is our ultimate example to follow: on earth He's a lamb, but in heaven, in eternity, He's Lord of Lords!

    As seen by Susan @ 9:55 PM

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You hold me now

Last time when singing "still", I was thinking about our perspectives toward storms in life. Like Job in the Bible, although he lost everything for a while, God blessed him back double portion. There's blessings behind storms. If we look up to Jesus, like Peter stepped out of the water, we're actually closer to God on top of the storms, and we'll see His blessings, but if we look down on the storm, like Peter did looking down the water, we'll sink and lose perspective and lose faith and hope, and miss the blessings! If we jump on top of the storm, and go with the flow, we can actually surf! Or put it another way, it's like going on a rollercoaster ride, although looking scary on the outside, inside we're holding on to the safety bar and we know we'll be fine.

But life still happens. Sometimes we believed, and we prayed, we did all we knew how....and still things happen not like we'd like it the way to happen. Sometimes we lose,and have disappointments, but don't see blessed back straight away like Job did. "You hold me now" to me is about enlarging our perspective to eternity. Sometimes we can't understand God, even for a whole life time. Sometimes we don't see God's blessings straight away. But if we can remain our hope and trust in God, we know we'll see the whole picture in eternity.
Here're some examples, When Reinhard Bonnke first went to Nigeria, it didn't seem to be a success. He encountered massive persecution and hundreds of local christians were killed, and he had to flee out of the country with no obvious hope that he'd ever be back again. But 10 years later, there was millions of salvation when it's God's time to fight back. Those Christians killed were life seeds sowed into eternity for massive harvest. When Jesus died, people at the time thought all hope's gone, all is lost. But in eternity? well u know. Rachel and Leah's an interesting comparison. Rachel seemed to be a happy girl in her time, she won her man's favour. Leah seemed miserable in her lifetime, rejected by her husband. But in eternity? Matt2:18"A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more." And Leah? well Jesus was her descendant!

Have you ever had a broken heart, have you ever even prayed like Leah..." Lord, let Jacob love me, I love him so much....don't give him to Rachel!" or "Let me be as pretty as Rachel..." and find God never answered your prayer? wow...look out, you might even have Leah's favour in eternity

God can never fail. If we put our trust and hope in Him, through joy and pain, we'll never lose in Him.Sometimes we can't see or understand it for our whole life time, or even for generations, only eternity can tell. Don't lose perspective. Don't let the enemy take your eyes away from Him and rob your heritage away in eternity through any kind of disappointments or set backs.

"For eternity, all my heart will give...." Let's sing it with our convictions!

    As seen by Susan @ 9:44 PM

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