Beautiful Day

    Saturday, January 20, 2007  
Word for kids

I found this website through a search, which offers free online prophecies. And here are the prophecies for the kids:

Ellie- there are many things inside of you, placed there by the Lord,and He is going to bring them out of you in His timing. Be free toexpress yourself, and learn to be confident in Him, and Him only, evenabove self-confidence. You will be a warrior in His Kingdom.

Jamie- There are little things which sometimes bother you about others.The Lord says to you, "I have placed a discerning strength in you, andyou are sensitive to My things of My Spirit. This is from Me. Learn totemper that discernment with grace and mercy, because you have strongspiritual gifts" Jamie, watch out for emotional games of boys, becauseyou are always going to attract people on an emotional and spirituallevel above and beyond what others normally do. The reason for that is,they will be attracted to the anointing on your life.

Kate- God says, "You are My little intellectual. I will give you acareer, and I will mold you into My King's Daughter. I will use you inthe marketplace, and I will cause you to have a shepherding heart."

Bode- "I call you My little shepherd boy, and you will express My loveto so many people, and you will always have a heart for those who arerejected. This is My heart you will have" says the Lord.

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    Sunday, January 14, 2007

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    Saturday, January 13, 2007
The jumping Castle in the backyard, and Bode

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    Friday, January 12, 2007

We went to Port Macquarie and NewCastle(Marks point, which is just down the road from swansea)for Christmas and New year's day. Kids had great fun.

At Newcastle, my husband was talking to some neighbours of the friends we were staying with. They were muslims, lebanese. They got saved during our stay. My husband got quite excited by this experience and he seemed to be fired up quite a bit after that. He even said something like, let's sell the house and go full time into missions,etc. hmmm...

Me?....I haven't been feeling spiritual at all these days. Just feeling flat out with kids all the time.

Ellie's doing really well in school and piano. She got the academic achievement award again this year. She reads a lot. We borrow 40 books at a time from the local library, and two three days later she's already finished. Now we even have trouble finding books to borrow, as she's nearly read all the age approapriate books available from the library. She reads a chapter book (novel) in half an hour.

Kate started piano lesson, too. She's very bright. The teacher couldn't believe she's only just turned four. She's a great student being 4 years old. She listens carefully and sits still for the whole lessons and she loves practising. Now she can play quite a few songs already. We'll try to put her in school this year although her birthday is a bit behind the cutoff date. She'll start dancing this year,too.

Jamie's not yet interested in any instrument, but she loves dancing. She's quite a leader. She loves playing with younger kids which she can be their little teacher. She reads stories to Kate a lot.

Bode just started crawling. He's really cute. Everybody loves him. He doesn't like babyfood. But he'll try to eat any kind of adult food. He hates to be spoon fed and he would not take a bottle. He has to feed himself, which means every time after he eats we'd have to take him for a shower.

The weather's been very strange here in Sydney this year. It's been very cool for summer(like around 22 degrees). Too cold for swim most of the days. But today it's hot, over 40 degrees. The kids are doing a lot of swimming lessons in holidays.

Peter has been in holidays at home, which is so nice. He does a lot of things with kids. But next Monday he'll start working again.

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