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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006  
The power of forgiveness

Last week at Hillsong women Bobbie shared a message about God's forgiveness.
I woke up at 2am at night and couldn't go back to sleep. The clip she played about Jesus' blood in the movie "The Passion" kept playing over my mind. I just felt His awesome love to us.

Jesus knew exactly what was about to happen before He was being whipped and nailed to cross. But He didn't let that stop Him from love. He didn't let any unforgiveness hinder God's plan.

So many times we stopped at our cross. We let unforgiveness stopped God's flow of love. Even more often, we let the potential cross, the fear of rejection or hurt stop us from loving others.

God is love, no matter what. Love never fails. Perfet love casts out fear. God's love continues even if it means the cross. God's love doesn't compromise and give in at any challenge.

This is the difference between human love and God's love. Human love will stop when hurt is involved. But God's love will not. More so, God's love is in the blood. Jesus went to the cross, and let His blood be shed. And when we touch His blood, we touch God's life and His love.
If God had put His love in us, He will also allow hurt and whips to come across our ways, so that His love and His blood can flow out to others. But are we willing to let God's love prevail or are we gonna stop at unforgiveness?

The real power of love is love beyond the cross. Love beyond forgiveness. Because that's God's love in us, not of just human nature any more, and it's this love that will overcome and give life.

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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
"You are the air I breathe"

Since last post I've been spending time in journalling just about every day. This kind of journal is based on Habakkuk 2:1-3, which simply is recording what God speaks to me.

It's been awesome. I feel like I've been in a honeymoon with the Lord. The things that come out of my journal every day simply blows my mind away. It's like He breathes upon me, the fresh breath that takes the fresh blood into every cell of my being. I just suddenly realised that I need this fresh breath so much and so desperately....

I need God's word in my life. It's like the blood of life. But the blood also needs the breath to take them afresh to the body. If there's no fresh breath, the blood simply gets stale and loses life and power. The blood can be the same blood, but with each breath it's renewed and refreshed. And we need the fresh blood in the body empowered by the breath.

That's why we need to come to the presence of God and let Him breathe His fresh word into our spirit on a regular basis. And these fresh words always carry power and life.

In the past few years, I've always felt quite frustrated as a Christian. I wanted to be involved in some kind of serving, but there always seemed to be an invisible hand that had always gently pulled me away from all activities of serving and ministering. In a way, I felt the Lord's speaking to me, like the little boy's loaf and fish, I just want to serve like Martha, to give the loaf and fish out. But the Lord says, no no, that little loaf and fish is no good for the five thousand crowd. You've got to be a Mary first. Sit at my feet, submit your loaf and fish to me, and learn how to let my power transform your loaf and fish to feed the five thousand. You need to have a honeymoon with me first before you can serve as a princess. A princess is not only a flash name, she has access to the royal power and bank account. Like Diana, she didn't live out her influence on a kindergarten teacher's budget, but on the abundance of the royal backing and supply.

I think at the moment God's more interested in my serving to Him in my quiet time than outward servings. Like the little boy(with his five loaf and two fish), unless I come to Him first, otherwise all the serving is simply futile.

    As seen by Susan @ 10:16 AM

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