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    Thursday, November 11, 2004  
The Domestic Goddess -- Hillsong women-- Susan Sohn

As Bobbie Houston was busy with the funeral of Frank Houston, Susan Sohn brought out the word today at Hillsong women with the launch of the new series, the domestic goddess.
Susan Sohn's passion is about family, friends and community. She has two children, with the 3rd on the way. Her daughter was in the same dance class with Ellie when they were both 4 years old. They looked a bit alike as they're both mixed, Susan Sohn's husband is from Korea.

She said that a happy home is a healthy home. Home is where heart is.The Bible tells us to guard our hearts, and that also refers to guard our homes. Where there's a home, there's a goddess, there's the queen of the castle. It's the goddess that sets the temperature of the home. You can wake up happy or wake up miserable, but it's your choice to set the mood of the whole family and to keep it at a constantly comfortable, cool and cosy degree. And whenever people enter in your house, they'll feel that degree of coziness.
And what does a domestic goddess look like?
She has her priorities; She loves her husband and puts him first; She's organised; She cultivates balance in her life; She's disciplined; She makes wise choices so that she can smile at her future and smile at herself; She's a savvy and she understands life, she knows the storms will come at some point but she's prepared for them; She lives in freedom, she's free to live as a woman that God intends her to be and she understand her identity in Christ...

A Domestic goddess is not a task orientated busy Barbera that doesn't balance life.

Like Donna Crouch, she had her encounters with God in her moments. For example, once she arrived at Sydney airport from Korea with her son, both of them terribly sick all the way. She was in a mess both physically and emotionally and all she had hoped for during the whole trip is that her husband could be with her. Finally she was at the airport and she was expecting her husband to be meeting her. But she didn't find him. She rang home and found him answering the phone and she just hang up on him. She was mad as any woman could be. And her husband expected her to be mad also. The taxi driver was as annoying as annoiying could be all the way and she really wasn't at a place of any cheerfulness. But at that moment, she felt God challenged her: you can stay where you're at and blow up, or you can allow me to take you to another place. And at that moment she made a choice which affected her profoundly later in her life. She realised that life is a moment by moment choice. You can choose to let life dominate you or to live a life that God intends you to live. When she got home, her husband was totally surprised and amazed at the new woman he met, he looked at the taxi driver, and for a while he didn't know what to think.
Another thing she pointed out is life is about creating memories. Family dinner times, special occasions like thanksgiving day, Christmas tree decoration night, birthdays, anything that's worth celebration...
A home is not only a house, it's a haven where people thrive. Domestic goddess plays a huge part in the home environment.

    As seen by Susan @ 2:33 PM

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