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    Thursday, November 04, 2004  
Hillsong women - Donna Crouch

During the worship time, I saw a vision, it was like a wedding ceremony, the bride came with the veil, then the groom unveiled the bride and gave her a kiss. It's a royal wedding, and after the kiss, the prince is going to show his new princess to the world...
Now, the bride is Hillsong women. I felt a heavenly kiss upon the women today, and I felt the Lord, the prince, is going to take Hillsong women by His hand and show His lady to the world. So world, get ready, Hillsong women is coming!

Susan Sohn, whose husband is a Korean, brought out the word for giving. Susan Sohn is a Canadian, but she knows all about kimchi and her mother in law said she makes better kimchi than Korean ladies. The verse she used was Luke 6:38, about pressing down. To me, her message is like spreading the seeds. The seed in our hands look small and insignificant, but if we sow it out, then it might land somewhere else in the world, take root, and shoot up a big harvest in due time. This week Colour your world conference is having a ball in Hillsong London, with nearly 2700 delegates, and this is one of the evidences of harvest of the seeds that we have sown before.

Donna Crouch continued Bobbie Houston's series on Life in the fast lane.
From Eccl 9:10-12 she pointed out that time and chance will come to you, and everyone of us gets a shot in this life. Will you know what to do when your chance is here? Sometimes the chances are already in our hands, but we push it away with all kinds of excuses, like one day when my baby's grown up, one day when ....
Everyone has an equal chance to get on the fast lane, but not everyone is ready for it or can succeed in staying in the fast lane. We got to know the rules.
And here's her rules:
1. Drama queen, where is she in my life now?
When God adds greatness to your life, when opportunities come, life gets full. There's dark side and bright side to it. You've only get so much energy, as we're all emotional beings, do you want your energy to be wasted in allowing drama queen to bring out all the negative attitutes? You really can't afford to do that in the fast lane. In Donna Crouch's earlier days, her husband started out a new business. He worked long hours, and was not making money. Being a mother of 3 with full time commitment in church, she found it very hard to handle. One day as she brought kids home late night after work, her husband still working, the kids playing up, she just yelled out in the car," I just want to be normal!" Then she felt the Lord speaking to her,"Do you really want to be normal?" She realised she had to make a choice, normal or adventure. Either get into what is required or don't do it at all. From that moment, she totally changed. She told herself, "I can never say that again." Drama queen had to die, or she had to be left in the boot of the car.
When you accept your mission and stop complaining, and say "the Spirit of God is upon me, I'm annointed", then you'll find yourself starting to glide through life and climbing up the mountains.

2. Baggages, deal with it.
We all have our baggages, life produces disappointments, but we need to forget about the past, and dump them. We can't afford to live our lives and pursuing our goals with baggages. If there're past issues, just work on them and get rid of them.

3. You can do the right things but in the wrong order.
Life in the fast lane requires us to do the right things in the right order.

4. I don't have to do anything, I want to.
I don't have to get up and get dressed, I can just stay in pyjamas all day long.
But when you say, I want to, it puts you in a really different place.

Donna Crouch represents a key spirit at Hillsong church. Her attitute to life is uncompromising and has influenced a lot of the areas in the runnings of the church.

    As seen by Susan @ 3:09 PM

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