Beautiful Day

    Thursday, October 28, 2004  
Hillsong women--Life in the fast lane --Bobbie Houston

I woke up this morning around 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't know if it's the Lord, (one morning I was sure it was the Lord as I heard an audible voice calling my name), but I decided to get up and do my Bible study. I've tried to get up early mornings regularly to do the studies, but Kate's been so clingy, and if it's not 4am or so she wouldn't let me go. I did get up a few times at that time, but then again, most of the nights I only got to go to bed at 2am.

So I got up, got into the word, and what the Lord spoke to me through the word today is Psalm 30:4 "Sing praise to the Lord, ... And give thanks to His holy name." When we're in trouble, praise and thanksgiving takes our eyes off ourselves and direct our focus on Jesus, who gives answers to everything we need.

Then I went to Hillsong women as usual. The worship leader today was Marilyn Brett. She doesn't normally lead, so it was a bit unusual to have her as the leading singer. Anyway, I don't know whether it's her that brought about an unusual annointing or the word that God spoke to me early this morning, it was one of the best worship experiences I've ever had. Actually for a while I couldn't sing, I felt so full in the spirit and I had tears running down. I couldn't worship any more as if I did, I'd probably end up really messy. But the feeling was so wonderful.

Then Donna Crouch gave the talk on giving. She used one of my favourite Bible verses on giving, which is Luke 16:9-13. Her focus was to be faithful.

Oh yeah, before I continue, just for Kerche, Bobbie Houston's son's wedding went well(Ben Houston and Lucille), but because they had lots of candles in the hall, and because Brian Houston preached too long and ignored people waving to him in the back trying to signal him, something caught the fire and they couldn't even put the fire out as he wouldn't stop preaching. (maybe not quite that way, I didn't quite get it, but it's something like that.) Bobbie had heaps of funny stories about Brian, and she loved sharing them at Hillsong women when Brian's not around. But sometimes Brian's at the backdoor peeking. Like today she said they went on snow skiing at a mountain, and Brian's pants fell off, and he didn't even know it.

Ok, back to the topic now. fast lane.
Continuing with the talk she gave last time, she only gave one more point today:
Life in the fast lane is cool, but it's not always easy.
It's a reality, it's full of bends and curves. But it's a upward excursion. Bends and curves needs skills. It's like mountain top. We all like the idea of standing at the top of the mountain, but the way that leads up to the mountain top may not be so enjoyable. It needs our choice to pay the price. Sometimes it requires extreme effort, and we won't achieve without the straineous effort. The question she asked was how bad do you want what you want, and what effort are you willing to put in?
Wishing doesn't make things happen, we need to pull up all energy, and every amount of faith, and to grow that faith, use it so God can give us more.
Climbing up mountains requires spiritual, mental and physical fitness. A lot of people become casualties along the way because they don't know how to exchange their strength for His strength.
A lot of the times people like to choose easy street, but easy street is a dead end street. Achieving goals can be like childbirth. If your traumatised by the first childbirth experience(she had a difficult birth with her first born Joel Houston, 24 hour labour, 3rd degree tare, she couldn't call the potatoes in her plate potatoes...), then you wouldn't have the second and the third babies.

Lastly, she gave a Bobbie tip for doing life: lean forward, commit to the mountains.
Just do it do it do it, in Jesus name.

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