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    Thursday, October 14, 2004  
Thoughts of Hillsong women

I listened to a tape of Bobbie Houston's teaching at Hillsong leadership training night the other day. Something she said got me thinking and has hung over me all morning while worshipping at Hillsong women. She said, from a prophesy, the Lord said that the blessings to the church is not yet released, because the women of the house is not yet ready.

I couldn't get over this thought. It kept coming back to my mind throughout the meeting while Lucinda Dooley delivered the message.

I kept seeing a vision of a lady in labour. The lady is Hillsong women. The Lord's going to birth something through her. The baby in her is going to be transfered from a narrow, small place to a broad,open space. But the lady is not yet ready for the labour. The pain is going to be on, and she needed to say, and yell out out, "bring it on!", and work with the pain, go through the labour process to bring the baby into the world.
Coorperate prayers will be a key. United, heart felt, heaven touching, earth moving prayers will bring the labours into the scene and will see the lady going through waves and waves of labour pain until the new birth.

Hillsong women will be God's example to the world what womenhood will be like, and what a lady in the house will look like. When the glamour of God falls on the lady of the house, she will look very different.

Funny how things in the natural often looks very relative, there're so many pregnant women in church these days, even Lucinda Dooley is only 3 weeks away from her due date. It's exactly the same message she's going to deliver both naturally and spiritually into the house.

Lucinda Dooley's message was to continue with what Bobbie Houston has started out last week, life in the fast lane.
Life in the fast lane is not living life small, but to live life openly, expansively and overflowingly. It's a choice, and a continuous choice as life goes on to remain in the fast lane. There're obstacles, but we need to be determined and continue to remove all the obstacles that will come our way trying to get us off the fast lane.
She gave 4 weapons to help keeping us in the fast lane:
1. Endurance: against all odds attitute
2. Diligence: constant and persistant effort to accomplish something
3. Consistency: not unpredictable, constantly the same, no confusion
4. Determination: settled firm, unflinching, make firm decisions, never give up on God, on people, church, yourself, dreams,etc.

It was amazing to see her in the fast lane. She was only 3 weeks away from her due date, and this is her 3rd child. She was hosting the meeting as well as preaching. She walked around, and she even moved a lot of chairs. I remember when I was pregnant, I could only stand up for about 5 minutes. When Darlene Zschech was heavily pregnant, she still led the album recording and stood up for the whole night. I tried to remain in the choir when I was pregnant, and blacked out before the service even started! I nearly threw up on the stage, and that was it, no more choir, I couldn't even made it through the practise. Some women are just so amazing in what they can do. They simply have super energy to keep going and going.

To me, life in the fast lane really means life in the promised land. It's a new season, a new chapter, and we need to live our lives in renewed, supernatural strength. It's just like what the Bible reading plan has led us into today, Joshua10 (see notes), a brand new life.

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