Beautiful Day

    Sunday, October 10, 2004  

While ushering at Hillsong conference, two people gave me prophetic words. At that time I went to the conference mostly because of Jack(She came for the conference from the States): I needed to take her to the conference, and I couldn't afford to be a delegate. I was attending another church regularly. I enjoyed the conference but wasn't sure if I was to be part of the Hillsong church. Then this person came up to me and said,"The Lord said, you shall return." I didn't respond too much, just murmured, well, we shall see.
Well, as a result, God did speak clearly to me, and I did say goodbye to the other church.
Then, also at the conference, a lady was just looking for seat, my team leader recognised her and then introduced me to her, just said my name, nothing else. She didn't say anything to me, but gave me a long, long hug, so long it was almost embarrasing, then she just prophesied to me: "You're craving for a mother, but God says you're loved the minute you were born." At that time I really didn't understand what she was saying. She didn't explain, she also prophesied something else but I forgot what she said. She just went in to find her seat. I guess I can understand the first part, there are plenty mothers(spiritually) around, but I didn't seem to get any attention from any of them. I have always wanted someone to be my mentor, I don't mind at all if anyone wants to look into my life and straighten things out. But I've always found myself rather lonely. I'm starting to understand the second part. Looking back it's probably the hands of God that have stopped all the mothers to get too close to me, or the other way round, me getting too close to the mothers. God has His plan and His ideas on me, and He doesn't need anyone else's help to bring that plan to pass. He Himself is plenty, is more than enough.
In a way I really enjoy the way it is now I'm involved in church. I'm nowhere close to any level of the leadership, neither am I interested. I enjoy watching everyone in a distance. But I feel God every time when I'm there.
I try not to pray too much, cause if I do, I'll get words, and I sometimes feel frustrated as I know they're prophetic words but I don't have the freedom to give them out. I remember when I used to get bored, I'll prophesy to a whole bunch of people in my mind.I remember some of them, (a couple years ago), and returning to church, I actually see some of the words come to pass.
I really enjoy the Bible study program at the moment. A verse from the study a couple days ago was about being ambitious to lead a quiet life and to mind our own business. And this is what I want to do for my life now. Just concentrate on getting close to God, enjoy Him, and nothing else.

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