Beautiful Day

    Sunday, May 02, 2004  


There have been a lot of miracles lately in our lives. Well, not the big miracle miracles, but lots of little things. Enough to be thankful and truly amazed at how God's watching over me in everyday daily life.
Just for some examples, someone gave me two free adult tickets to go to wonderland. well, we already have yearly pass. So I was thinking who I can bless these tickets with(they're worth 100 dollars). It's not really much fun for only two adults, in my opinion, you need to go with kids. But too many kids can cost you a fortune as well. So eventually I thought about a family with two kids, one's under 4 who can be free, the other kid is Ellie's friend. They still have to pay for the child, which is 33 dollars. I was really wondering if it's a blessing or a burden to them. So I asked the Lord to help me(to feel better really). Then the night before they were going, round about 10pm someone out of the blue asked me if I want a free ticket to wonderland, I had a look, it was a child ticket! Is that a conincidence or what?!
Well, the next day I went to wonderland with another family. The mother put her jacket in the underbasket of my pusher and we went for a ride. By the time we got back, the jacket was gone. There's some small cash, flybuy card, and a pair of glasses in the pockets of the jacket. She was really worried, she said, I don't care about the money or even the flybuy card, but the glasses sure worth a lot of money and it's a lot of trouble to get a new pair. So silently I prayed to let her find the jacket again. It's obviously been stolen. I just felt she'd get it back and I kept comforting her that she'd find it in the office. We went to the office during the day, it wasn't there. But by the end of the day when we're about to leave, it was! She checked the pocket, the money's gone, but the glasses and the flybuy card still there! She was so relieved.
Then we have been a bit tight lately with money. Paying two rents, final payments for the house(carpet, etc), GST, rego,etc. Especially this week being the first week of the term, lots of tuition to pay(only dance costs nearly 600 dollars). During the week when I calculated, I really don't have any extra money to pay for the kids Chinese school, which is 220 dollars. But I really want them to go. Anyway, I somehow sensed in my spirit that it's going to be Ok. I don't know how it's going to work out, but I just know that it'll be alright. So Saturday morning I took the kids to the new Chinese school, they insist me paying first for the whole term. I tell them that I need to let the kids try out first, and if they don't like it, I won't force them to go for the whole term. (which happened just a couple months ago, they didn't like the school I took them before). They didn't want to agree, then a friend of mine's an organiser of the school, and she came along and helped me out by walking out without paying first. Well, the truth is, I didn't have the cash that morning. So I came home, trying to find some money, I sneaked in my husband's wallet, nothing there. And I was wondering what I was going to do if my kids do like the school. And randomly I thought, why not just check the bank account again(I checked earlier, and I'm not supposed to be paid again until the end of next week.) And to my big suprise and delight, there's this mysterious 210 dollars credit (social security money which is not a regular payment at all)deposited to my account. Isn't that amazing! And as a result, my kids loved that morning at the Chinese school and they just couldn't wait to go back next week.
I've been asking friends for boxes for house moving for a few months, and for different reasons I haven't got any. It's really time now that I need to get on with packing. And this week my husband went to a job, and this lady just gave him around 40 boxes of different sizes, and they're packing boxes, designed especially for housemoving!
Then again, this morning we went carpet hunting. We've been looking around for a little while, and we'd like it to be put down next week. So I asked the Lord, please help us find the right one today. It's been really a hassle, trying to decide what color, quality, and price we'd go for. And then the one and only shop we went, this carpet, with the perfect colour(you just know this is it when it's the right one), extra heavy duty 100% wool(feels really thick), with half the price that's the standard market price(we know, as we've been looking around). And we had no problem coming to an agreement right away! And we don't even have to wait for the order, the total amount for the whole house is available right there.
Isn't God amazing! It all happened this week. And there's still more.
By the way, the total amount of money for the new carpet of the new house is given to us as a gift, which is totally unexpected and much needed. We have actually been given the amount of money to buy carpet a while ago, but we spent it... And we're given again! Anyway we're moving in the end of this month, can't wait!

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