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    Thursday, August 24, 2006  
Bible reading

If you've read my post down below "daddy's dream", you'd know what I mean by giving kids chocolate to get them practice piano every day. Because, if you want your kids to learn to play piano, then it's quite important that they practice every day. And not many kids would want to do that by themselves.

So, I've been this little kid when it comes down to Bible reading. I know that it's vitally important to read every day if I want to be serious about serving God. But somehow I just can't get rid of my kid nature.I get excited for about 3 days then forget all about it. Phil's blog has been a chocolate for me for quite a while....but then the comments dropped. I tried to follow it anyway, but the speed is like 5 chapters a day, way beyond my ability to follow, I'm a slow reader. So after a while I gave up.

So I asked God to help me as I know I can't do it on my own. I know I should. But I also know I'm still such a kid. I need some kind of motivation. Last week at Hillsong women Katrina(Catrina?)Henderson spoke about Bible reading. Didn't fire me up too much....(well I was mostly outside with baby)...but funny thing is a friend of mine who lives just around the corner got really excited and convicted by her word and even got a CD after the meeting. She came around and visited me on Monday...and guess what, we ended up deciding that we'll read Bible together and we'll get together once a week to share what we've learned.

Wow! that's some big doze of chocolate for me! (LOL)
We decided to start from John. I suggested 3 chapters a week. But my husband said hmmm...that's too much for John, maybe just 1 chapter a week. Coming from the speed of 5 chapters a day I said one chapter a week's kind of too slow, so I insisted on 3 chapters a week. And I started straight into it the second day. I started journaling as I read, and guess what, after an hour I still haven't finished the first paragraph....I journalled a whole page on my notebook just about the first paragraph...I guess my husband was right, with this speed I'd be lucky if I could finish one chapter by the end of the week.

I feel I should go slower and go deeper. There's so much in there if I'm not in a rush and just take time to dig into it.

I'm not sure if I'd keep on with my other blog, the Bible study notes blog. It takes time to write and I don't have too much time with four kids. Plus I don't think there're any readers.It only helps to keep a better record for myself.

It's really like learning piano or trying to be a professional athlete. You've just got to practice every day. A little bit of progress at a time, one day at a time, and over the years you'll then be able to see the result.

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