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    Sunday, July 11, 2004  


Our natural bodies need to be fed constantly. If we're not eating properly, we know we'll end up having health problems and to the extreme situation we'd die.
But how do we eat? That can be a little different from people to people.
If it's a baby, when she gets hungry, she'd just cry. She'd scream, yell, until mommy comes with the milk. Mommy will gently cuddle her, nurse her, pat her to make her feel loved and comfortable.
When the baby gets older, into a little child, she gets a bit better. But sometimes she still gets fussy and picky. She still needs her mommy to cook, prepare all the food, bring them to her, and sometimes even "force" her to eat.
Then she grows older again, getting into the habit of eating regularly on time, eating until full, finish her dinner before leaving the table.
Then she becomes an adult. She needs to find food for herself now. She needs to be disciplined for herself to eat regularly on time without being reminded or forced or encouraged.
The same is with our spiritual health. How often do you eat(take the word)? How regular do you eat? Do you eat like a baby, just cry out when you get hungry and waiting for someone to come and comfort you and feed you? Or do you eat only when someone prepares the message and bring it to your table(church) and still sometimes have to "smack" you to make you finish the dinner? Do you eat regularly, but still has to be taught by someone else? Or do you just know that you've got to eat every day and you'll find food to eat even if it means you've got to work for it? If someone invites you over for a meal, that would be nice, but you wouldn't depend on it, and what's more, you'd even invite people over to your place to share your meal with them.
Are you happy with your spiritual health condition? If not, maybe you should check your eating pattern.

Eating (part 2)

As mature adults we know that in order to put food on the table we need to work. Sometimes it's a lot of hassle to go to work. We need to get up early in the mornings, shower, put make up on, make lunches,arrange childcare for kids, drive through the traffic... and while at work, we need to give our full attention to work....
Now in order to eat properly as mature adults in the spirit, do we go to any trouble at all to "work" for it? Do we set a time aside for "work" and give our full attention? It needs a lot of discipline to be able to keep the work and not being fired.
Joyce Meyer said at Hillsong Conference 2004, that the monthly financial need to run her ministry is 7 million dollars. "How on earth can I manipulate people and to influence people to give me that much money every month?" She said the key to her success is 3 times a day she sets herself aside to spend time with God.

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