Beautiful Day

    Thursday, July 08, 2004  

Hillsong Conference

It's awesome! I've been so busy being an usher at the conference but I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's so rich. I'm having such a spiritual feast.
I thought I've heard enough of Joyce Meyer now, I've watched her so much on TV. But today hearing her preaching alive totally changed my way of thinking, I'm falling in love with her now! She's so awesome and so real.
And this is some of the things God showed me today:
"The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by God". I know where I'm going, I can see the place that God has called me to go. And I can see the path.There are two angels on each side of me holding my arms. They're putting down beautiful paving stones to help me get to the place I'm heading. They put the piece down, waiting for me to step on it, firming it down to the earth so then they can put down the next piece. But unless I stand and take hold of it, and press it down, they can't put the next piece down. There are a lot of pieces to get there and it's a long way.But sometimes I just get so busy looking there(the place I want to go) and looking around, I can't be bothered taking ahold of the present. The longer I delay, the longer it takes to proceed, and the longer it will take to get to my destiny. Like any jobs we do, they always look enormous at the beginning, a lot of the times we don't know where to start, how on earth we can possibly finish that job, but as soon as we start moving, start with the little things that we know, and pretty soon we'll get into it and get the flow, and then we'll find we'll get the speed going and amazingly the job gets done! The same with getting to our destiny, it seems so vague and so far away at the beginning, but as soon as we start to take care of the little things that God has laid in our hands for the moment, we'll start to get the moving going, and we'll start to get into it. The angels are there to help us, they're eager and deligent and wanting to pave our ways to get there, but unless we take hold of each step that God has ordered for us to step on, we'll never get to go anywhere. So my thought for today is, look to the future, but focus on the present.
Another things is, the Word says, if anyone's thirsty, let him drink. If anyone's hungry, let him eat. Our spiritual person inside is just like our flesh bodies. Our bodies need to be fed three times a day, and we need to drink constantly. And so's our spiritual body. We need to constantly, three times a day, feed ourselves with spiritual food, and constantly allow ourselves to come to the presence of the Father to drink. Only by this way can our spiritual body be healthy and nourished. Have you been starving your spiritual body? I have. Sometimes I fed myself, and I drank, but most of the times I'm still hungry and thirsty. Well, you can't expect to be full and satisfied if you only eat once a week, right? So are we looking after our spiritual body just as well as we looking after our natural body? This is the challenge the Lord's giving me today.
Thirdly, don't worry about people's response. Stay close to God. Don't be ruled by people's reactions. Joyce was saying, that in the beginning of her ministries, her emotions were ruled by the amount of the mails in the letterbox. Some of the days she'll get a few mails, and she'd be wild. Some other days the mailbox was empty and she'd feel miserable. She'd get so ruled by her emotions that she missed God's purpose. When she started to concentrate on spending time with God and getting close with God, then God started to take care of her mail box. This really relates to me in blogging. The "comments" is a good thing. But sometimes it can take away so much of our attention that we miss our focus.
Interestingly, so many preachers have been talking about Moses, from different angles. I kept talking to myself, "there you go, Moses again..."

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