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    Friday, July 09, 2004  


Jentezen Franklin at Hillsong Conference 2004 was talking about spiritual inheritance today. It was such a powerful message.
As children of parents we start out our lives differently. Some start out living poor, while some others start out already being millionairs. As a general rule, parents will pass down all their results of their whole lives to the generations to come. Most of the children, if not crazy, will gladly inherit what used to belong their parents and ancesters and then continue to build their lives upon that blessings.
We have spiritual inheritance as well. Every good deed that our parents and ancesters did is a deposit in the heavenly bank account. They are accumulated and can be passed down to the next generations. We start out our lives on a different levels of God's blessings.
The Bible says that we're to honour our parents so our lives can prosper. The key to transfer the heavenly account that our fathers have accumulated to our bank account is all in the word "honour". In other words,honour can mean to acknowledge, to admit the benefit and to be thankful. If we have a million dollar inheritance but we don't admit that's rightfully ours, that million dollar wouldn't do us any good even though we are the lawful claimers.
So, seeing the benefits that you can have, would you still hold the grudging attitude toward your parents and not honour them? If you do, you'll be missing out big time.
I'm thankful for my parents for leading me to Jesus at a young age and for faithfully supporting and praying for me. I'm thankful for my grandfather, even though I hardly even know his name, I believe he had left a world of treasure for me. He was a pastor and was nearly appointed as a bishop in China. He had gained a theology degree in Harvard university. He died of a sudden heart attack in his thirties leaving his 15 children behind. It was interesting, he was actually quite wealthy and had quite a big saving in some bank in the states. But because he died so suddenly, nobody, even his wife had any idea where he had put his money. To this day nobody had ever found out where those treasure had gone. So my father grew up nearly as an orphan. But since he was nominated as the bishop of all the pastors in China at his time, he must have done some good and have gained enough respect. As a matter of fact, this is all I know about my grandfather. I'm thankful that I have a grandfather that my heavenly father knows and had covenant with, and I do feel favored because of that.
Lord, please forgive me for all the irrespectful words that I have said toward my parents and other ancestors. I'm thankful for all the good things that they have done before your eyes!

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