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    Thursday, June 10, 2004  

Prayer request from Bob

I was going to comment on Bob's blog, but I couldn't get into it. Since it's going to be a bit lengthy, I think I'll just write it here.
He asked everyone to pray for two of his friends. Anne's in hospital with a heart condition, and Judy is having struggle saying goodbye to her boyfriend.
These reminds me of two incidents I had before when I was in China. Since Bob said he's interested in things in China, so I think I'd just write a bit about it.
When I was working at college, we heard of a teacher that's got blood cancer. Her condition was very serious and the doctors gave her at most one month to live. Now the hospital she was staying at was the technically leading hospital in Beijing, and ever since the hospital was founded, only one with very light symptom had got out after six months, and no one else that had this disease has got out of the hospital alive. And this teacher was in very bad condition. So we went to the hospital to see her. She looked absolutely pale, and she had to have like 20 injections in one day. We offered her prayer. She and her husband were both communists and didn't know anything about God, but said they would like to try to believe if they can still have hope. One week later we went back to see her again, she looked normal, and she said that all the test result has come back normal. But she's still pretty weak as she's been lying so much on the bed without any excercise. And one month later she's back to work totally recovered.
I had another friend who was sort of like Judy. She was desperately in love with a guy who's very rich. He rent an luxuary apartment for her and would only come to visit her once a month or so for about a couple of hours. Most of the times around 3-4am in the mornings. He has other girlfriends as well. And every day she'd wait and listen to the footsteps outside the door and she wouldn't sleep much. She was getting to a very bad stage that she cut herself or turned the gas on a few times. With friends help she knows she's not gonna make it and agreed to come out for a break staying with friends for a few days. And she got saved. She knew what she should do. With lots of help and encouragement she wrote him a letter ending the relationship. He said he'd come to see her one particular morning to have a little talk and settle some things. So three of us girls went with her that night. We helped her pack and moved everything out for her. And just as we took the last bag out, her boyfriend came. And we quickly hid behind the trees. It was 4am. Within just a few minutes we heard her came out screaming with the full strength of her voice, yelling "I love him, how can I live without him..." and all the neighbours were looking out of the windows. She was screaming and battling, and three of us couldn't hold her still. Eventually we got her on a cab and took her back to our place. She didn't eat or talk for two days.(she stayed in a little room with four girls-roomates.) It was hard for her. But amazingly she was doing really well in her faith walk. A year later, God arranged for her a beautiful marriage. She was from countryside with no education background, and her husband was a master degree holder of Beijing university. He was handsome, caring, and a devout Christian. She looked totally different. I was always amazed at how one person can change in such dramatic ways in such a short period of time. I could hardly believe she's the same person that we "rescured" and dragged along the street screaming and yelling in the middle of the night just a year ago. I went to her wedding, she looked so happy and beautiful, and she's brought lots of people to the Lord.
Well, I didn't expect the "comment"that I was gonna write went this long.
Things like that happened a lot around me. It seemed like a different atmosphere. I'd still like to relate it like selling bread(I used this before in other posts if you have read along), here if you are a bread seller, you've got to do a lot of work, meet lots of competitions to get people take your bread, but in a third world country where people have been starving for days, all you need is giving them what you have, and they'll eagerly take it with great gratitute and appreciation. As long as you are there, there're always plenty of missions around you.

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