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    Wednesday, November 19, 2003  

This is how we met

Many people have asked me, " how did you and your husband meet? and how did you come to Australia?"
Well, I'll try to make it short.
My husband (Peter)had been praying for God to lead to him the right person to marry. He was seeking God with all he knew how. Then one day he went to a Rodney Howard-Brown meeting. Rodney Howard-Brown meetings have lots of Holy Spirit movements, like people are laughing, falling on the floor, shaking,etc. Peter didn't get any of those, but he had quite a few significant visions. He saw angels,etc. One of the visions he saw was me, my figure, and my look, and God told him, this is gonna be your wife. He was puzzled and wasn't really quite sure what to think. He was trying to argue with God, saying, No, my wife needs to look like...., but God said, No, this is your wife.
He didn't take too much notice of that vision, and sort of just forgot about it. He has never been out of Australia before, and he only saw my look in the vision, and didn't know where I could be from.
Then 8 months later, his company needs somebody to go to China to do a job. And so he offered to go. And, the first Christian girl he met was me!
We met at an international fellowship. I wasn't allowed to go to that fellowship as a local believer by the government. But on this day I sneaked in(I do that once every two years at the time). It's his first time to that fellowship. My boss from work (I worked for an Australian company) invited him for lunch after church, and he invited me also, and we sat together(there were nearly 20 people). I felt a bit unusual toward him, so I asked God to give me some signs like Gideon did.
The signs came to pass.
We didn't talk much at all during the lunch, and didn't have any more chances to meet after that for a few months.
Then one day while I was having lunch with my boss in a little restaurant, Peter walked in by himself, and my boss invited him to join. From that on, he came to visit our office about once a week for a month, mainly to talk to my boss, I just said Hello. The second month my boss left the job, leaving me alone in the office, but my boss gave Peter permission to come and use the phone and fax,etc. Peter was supposed to work on a job, but the things that were shipped to the job was held in the custom and he couldn't do anything but to wait. So he came around to the office quite often and we got to know each other a bit more. We were just purely friends.
I had some feelings toward him that I wasn't sure how to handle. So I rang up my pastor, didn't say anything particular, just said,"please pray for me." And as soon as my pastor hang up the phone, he heard this voice spoken in his spirit: "Marriage is coming, marriage is at hand. " And he saw a vision like the sun is rising from the horison. He didn't really know what to think as he didn't know of Peter at all and he couldn't see there're somebody around me that I could marry. Until a few days later we met and talked he realised that was a voice from God.
Then I was sent to another city for a business trip. And the first day I left he started to miss me, and then he rang me up in the hotel that I was staying in and proposed to me over the phone.

We decided to have a relationship and one week later we were married! We had our wedding on Sunday, and on that Wednesday I started to tell my closest friend, who didn't even know we're dating, "I'm getting married....this Sunday." She was sooo shocked she didn't know what to say.
Although we grew up in completely different part of the world, we had so many things in common: the calling, views toward spiritual things, family background, past experiences, personalities,etc. Now we've been married for 7 years and we had three beautiful children! We still love each other deeply. We always know that God has put us together for His purpose.

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