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    Wednesday, October 26, 2005  

Hi there,
Sorry I'm absent again for so long... seems to have lost the flow a bit. Once taking a break, it's kind of hard to get back to it.

I'm 18 weeks now. Feeling great. No more sick feelings, getting a bit
Katie's been telling everyone, every hour that mommie's having a baby! I guess initiatlly the teachers thought it's cute, now they must get sick of hearing it. She's a baby freak. Sometimes I woke up midnight, thinking she's sound asleep, but found she's sitting in the hallway, lining all the dollies and her babies in rows and giving them lessons. She'd teach them singing, stories and sort out their fights.... she just turned 3.

Kids have been keeing me busy. Ellie and Jamie had their annual performance concert at Hillsong performing arts academy. They had dress rehearsals just about every day for a whole week including make ups. Then during the concert Ellie had 7 or 8 dances and Jamie had 5 or 6(I lost count). They had very complicated costumes, with all different dresses, stockings, socks, shoes, hair....the last dance Ellie did she had to be painted totally white, arms, face, hair .....with white wings... I was just so glad that it's all over, and it happened when my morning sickness was the worst.
Then the following week Ellie danced at Wesmead hospital.
And the week after that Ellie played piano in the opera house.
And now they're both involved in the Christmas spectacular at Hillsong church, with at least 8 performances coming up, the total audience could be like 20,000-30,300 people.
Oh, this weekend they're in the kids choir, too.
And I just don't want to think about the open day performance for the academy at the end of the year, which is like another concert, just less formal, still got lots of costume changes...

I was planning to cut them all out for the last term, and persuade them to do swimming instead, as they love swimming. But the last minute they changed their minds and now they're doing even more dancing for this term....oh well, at least I'm not having morning sickness anymore.
And this is what Ellie's doing every week: piano, ballet, jazz, tap, street, contemporary, singing, acting; Jamie: ballet, jazz, tap, street, singing, acting, visual art. She did piano from time to time, and she did a bit of violin,too. But she doesn't like practising and I kind of can't be bothered with those for the moment.

I won't put Kate in dance for a while, you can understand why now. She goes 3 days to Hillsong childcare centre. They do lots of singing and dancing there anyway. Some of her teachers are dance teachers or lead singers,too.

I just don't know how I'm gonna do all these with 4's gonna cost me a fortune.

Sometimes I wonder how they have so much energy. Most kindergarten kids are just so tired after school. But sometimes Jamie will be in dance school for 3 hours after school and she'd still be jumping around after that, refusing to go to bed. Like yesterday, they had walkathon at school, Ellie walked 19 laps around the sportsground, and Jamie walked 10 laps. After school they had 2 hours dance. And they still didn't show any sign of tiredness and it still took me a big effort to just put them to bed.

Men's conference is on this weekend. I wish Peter would go. But he's not keen at all. Well, at least I'll try to get him to the weekend service where John Bevere will be speaking. Oh, Allan Meyer's speaking, too, I haven't heard him before, although he's at phil's blog every day. And kids animated story with kids choir... Looks like I'll be at church all weekend this week.

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