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    Wednesday, June 08, 2005  
The challenge of faith

After being a Christian for a while, I guess most of you would have had some kind of encounter with God and will be familiar with the terms like purpose driven life, the calling, vision, promise,etc.
Which requires faith.
Faith is a journey. If it's a calling, it has to be a journey. It leads to the fulfillment of life, it's about who you are, why you are created, it's about your dream. Moreover, it's about God's dream in you.
It's a big thing.
But the challenge is, along the path of faith, not so much with if we're willing to believe or not, willing to sacrifice or not, at the root of the challenge lies the doubt of whether this calling comes from God or not.
Is this God or is this the devil? Is this God or is this just me making it up?
Did I see an angel or did I see someone came in the form of an angel?
What if I give everything I have to this faith only to find out later that in fact I'm so dumb stupid? More so, what if I think it's faith while everyone else all agree it's dumb stupid silly?
I guess for Abraham, if he really know it's God, then killing Isaac is not too much of an issue. But what if the voice telling him to kill is from the enemy?
Are you sure the voice you heard in your spirit is from the Holy Spirit?

Faith usually requires a big amount of sacrifice. It's like talking to a real estate agent about the purchase of a property. Can you trust that person? What if all he's telling you is just a lie?

At the Bible college I'm doing a subject called prophetic literature. At the moment we're learning about the life and ministry of Jeremiah. To me, Jeremiah is truly a hero.
He prophesied and prophesied and prophesied. He had failure after failure after failure. Nobody wanted to listen to him. Every time he prophesied he got himself into trouble. Nobody supported him. The things he saw with his eyes were so discouraging to his faith. Yet he kept walking in faith.

In the end only God can prove who He is. And only by His power are we sustained in our walk in faith.
At the root of the challenge of faith is we don't have faith. Only God can give faith. Faith is a gift.

Our God is truly an awesome God.

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