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    Monday, April 11, 2005  
Balance of life

Balance is an art. Life is like a picture. We're all given a different picture for each and every one of our lives. Balance is the decision of what colours we want to put in the picture.
Since we're all different, nobody can give anyone else the exact formula. Where in one picture red takes 90% of the weight, it might only take 3% in another picture, and they both can be masters pieces of art.
The art of life is really about how we "colour our world". God gives us a perfect picture, a masterpiece for each and everyone of us, but it's up to us to find out how to live out that picture, and how to balance all the colours in our lives.
Sometimes when we're predominantly in one colour, it's hard for us to recognise the importance of other colours. Say if I'm majorly red, I might be gifted and talented in red, and I have a passion for red, and all I tend to want is red. I might still be looking for more red. But if all I have is only red in the picture, it's not gonna be a nice piece of artwork. It's got to have other colours as well. Often if we're in red, then God will send us leaders, friends, especially our partners in other colours. Although it's a blessing, it's very hard for us to recognise. We tend to learn from and click to those that are the same colour as us. It's actually quite hard to submit to the other colours. But if we do, we'll increase the other colours in our pictures and allow God to make our lives more colourful.
Most of the pictures have a main predominant colour. Say it's mostly green, or mostly blue,etc. But the predominant colour looks the best on the base of a balanced mixture of other colours. If the colour overtakes all the other colours, it gives a wrong message and it won't be an enjoyable artwork to look at. Sometimes by adding an opposite colour will make the first colour more of it's character and stand out.
If there's a particular colour that you dislike most, but it's yelling out at you all the time, probably this is the colour that you'd need most to keep the sense of balance in your picture. If you've been craving for more white in the picture, you might find that God has been sending you black to make your white whiter, but you have been fighting against it and rejecting it... And then by the time we finally get the idea of black, and ready to settle for black, and getting more and more happier about black, we find that He suddenly says, Ok that's enough now, let's move on to green...
In an nutshell, God's the master of art. If we want the perfect picture in our lives, we've got to let God put all the all the colours in, and allow Him to put it the way just how He wants it.

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