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    Thursday, March 10, 2005  

This can be a totally flack(Thanks Craig for the new word I just learned the other day...hehe), if you think deliverance is totally a joke, please(!!!) don't read on. I apologize first. But for those who are slightly interested, I'll rant just a little bit.

A few years ago I was involved in a deliverance ministry for a little while. It was quite interesting what I learned in that period of time. I've witnessed tons of manifestations and testimonies.

Deliverance is sort of like going to a doctor for sickness. You can't just go to a doctor and tell him,"I'm sick, now treat me." A good doctor is not one with a lot of passion and persistance to heal you, although that can help. A good doctor knows what exactly your problem is, and what kind of treatment is available.The more specific he knows, the more effective the treatment will be. Say if you have a tommy ache and he gives you something for running nose, no matter how persistant he is, that's not much of a help. This explains why a lot of prayers and warfare didn't turn out to be helpful. Most of the prayers are like, someone's having a problem, say it's heart disease, but is given treatment from headache to stomoch ache, from back pain to a broken foot, from ear infetion to arthritis... just grab any medicine he can find and can think of. Anyone who has been involved in deliverance knows the more specific you discern the problem is, the quicker and easier the person will be set free. A lot of the counselling and prayers were all around finding where the roots are.

During the deliverance sessions, I'd see different demons manifest in different shapes. Sometimes they'd even talk to me and question me. Just for example, a few of the common ones, depression as dogs, lust and gambling like cats,anger like dragons, shame like snakes, lust of eyes(pornography)as spiders, cancers like headlice, homosexuals like scorpians(ever feels sting when you're around them?)....etc.

Take for example cancer. Chemos are like the treatment for headlice. An often neglected part is these things have nits. Unless the cancer is spotted at the very very early time, that it hasn't got a chance to lay eggs, they can be removed effectively. But most of the time, is the chemo has removed the cancer, and the person sings halleluia thinking he's all healed, the problem over, but after a certain period of time, the nits hatched and the cancer comes back. So the proper way to deal with cancer is to remember that after the chemo and all the result is cleared, know that the battle is not over! You need to excercise, build up immune system, take on nutritional products(like OPC) which is a daily battle of the cells, until all the nits are cleared. One of the strong hold for cancer is bitterness.

For depression, there's a saying,"Some people hate flees but will sleep with dogs." They don't like the symptons, but in another way they indulge themselves with depression, it's their pet, they love it, it's their friend. And Derek Prince once said something like, you can't be delivered from your friend.

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