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    Monday, December 27, 2004  
God's calling and childbirth

Sometimes I think God's calling is like child birth.
First, we conceive, God puts a dream, a future, a life in our lives. We're excited, and we want to tell the world about the good news. But then it comes the morning sickness. Our body is not adjusted to the child in our lives and the hormone system can react crazy. I had terrible morning sicknesses with all my three kids. I'd throw up like 10 times a day and sometimes I had to go to the hospital for a drip. I even thought that I was dying sometimes and I didn't have strength to take a shower. Well, many of you were much better than I was. But the thing is, when the calling becomes real in our lives, we want it so badly, now, but our characters are not coping with the callings and that's gonna cause some discomfort and hurt.
Then after the 2-3 months turmoil, our bodies start to settle down, and grow into a steady stage waiting for the baby to mature. Faith gets strong, hope is comforting, and love carries the God dream inside. This is a fairly long period. We learn to wait patiently.
Just as we thought that it seemed nothing's ever gonna happen, then one day the pain starts. It comes as a divine stirring inside. The baby gets uncomfortable, our bodies are not big enough for the baby to move around any more and the baby is due to get out. We get uncomfortable as we're so used to keeping the dream inside of us, we've learned to cope with all the movements inside, but our bodies are just too comfortable to go through the change and let go.
But the baby has to come out, it's the time. And the pain starts. The real, excrutiating pain. We can either try to hold the baby back, or we can face it,and work with the pain.
The dream is about to come true. But before the baby's out, there's great pain. There's this phase called labour. We can be very tempted to abort the mission, and give up the calling, forget about the dream and walk away, but then we'll be left with frustration and void all our lives, or we can choose to face the challenge, rise up and work with the pain, to bring the dream out into reality.
Usually the fact is, the more fearful we are, the more attitute problem we harbour, the more painful the process will become. If we accept that this stage's gonna be painful, and work with it, cooperate with the stirring, then the labour time will be much shorter and we'd be recovered a lot quicker and the process will be smoother.
Do you really want your dream to come to pass? Do you want to see God's calling manifest in your life? Do you want to walk into your destiny? Then hold on to the promise and walk through the pain. It won't be long any more, give all you got and the pain will soon be all over.
Even after the baby's out, there might still be some pain. But the blessings from heaven, the joy and the fulfilment will soon take over the memory of the pain. And what awaits for you ahead is the enheritance of the promised land.

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Hi Blogger it never ceases to amaze me how creative people are, especailly the young ones, gives me hope for the future. Anyway I was looking for information on dreams and landed on your page. I was looking more for dreams so God's calling and childbirth wasn't an exact match but I enjoyed reading your posts. Take Care. I'll bookmark your blog for future.
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