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    Sunday, March 25, 2007  
Jamie came home

I was just at the colour conference when suddenly Peter rang me, "Jamie's got leukemia..."
So I rushed to the hospital. Somehow that morning I just didn't feel like going to the conference. I didn't know why, usually I'm quite passionate about colour. I've actually said I didn't want to go, but the friends who stayed at my place convinced me to go, and Peter even agreed to take the baby for me for the day. So I went....but only stayed in the conference for 20 minutes or so.

Jamie has been complaining about a backache and tommy ache for 2-3 weeks. It started at a dance lesson. So I thought she must have hurt a muscle somewhere. I did take her a couple of times to a doctor, and had her x-rayed. I've registered her for colour kids, but then her school had an excursion and she really wanted to go, so I let her go with the school while other kids went with me to colour. Around mid day the school rang me telling me that she threw up and needed us to pick her up. So Peter went to school and took her to a doctor. Peter asked for a blood test, the doctor looked at him, and said, are you sure you want a blood test? And Peter insisted. She was quite fine after school, and even went for her art lessons. The next day the doctor rang Peter up, saying the blood test result was very serious, and Jamie needed to be sent to the hospital straight away.

So we spent the whole week in the hospital. She was confirmed of leukemia the next day. And chemo started on Monday. Jamie's such a brave little girl. Once a nurse poked deep into her arm for 10 minutes trying to get some blood and kept poking at the wrong spot. Peter couldn't even look at her. She had tears rolling down her eyes, but she didn't make a sound. She cooperated so well that the nurses said she's the best patient in the whole ward.

Peter took a week off work and stayed with her day and night, while I spent most of the days there but came home with other kids for the nights. The support and encouragement from church, school and friends are just overwhelming. The hospital facilities are just fantastic.

She was staying at the Westmead children's hospital. It's such a children friendly place. My other kids were having such a good time there. The support from the hospital staff and volunteers are amazing. While she was staying there, there were school teachers offering schoolings, play therapists came and play with her and do arts and crafts, hundreds of videos and dvds, computer games everywhere, entertainers, singers came to her bed to sing songs for her and even offer free guitar lessons....hundreds of people were praying for her.... she went into hospital with a small bag, and she came home with a full car of presents and stuff.....

She came home yesterday(Sat), as an out patient now. We'll just be going to hospital for treatments, but will be living at home. She'll be staying home for a while as it's the changing season time, lots of colds and flus around.

It's a challenging time for all of us. But I believe God's grace is sufficient. God will turn every situation around for good. Please continue to stand with us in prayer and faith.

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