Beautiful Day

    Sunday, June 25, 2006  
Benny Hinn meeting

So I went to the Benny Hinn meetings yesterday.
I was planning to go on Friday night, but the last minute I decided not to go. Just as well, as it started to rain quite heavily from 9pm and if I went Both me and baby would have been soaking wet having to walk 20 minutes or so to the carpark.

But yesterday morning was a bright beautiful morning. It was still quite a long walk from P3 with my baby. But after I got in, it was all good.

IT WAS GOLD !!!! I loved it to bits.

My good friend mille got on the stage and she was healed of several problems she's had for years. She was crying on the stage.

The teaching was brilliant. Gosh it was a good feed, I haven't had such good teaching for years maybe.

Let me try to remember some points(I didn't bring notebook as my hands were occupied with baby):
The Holy Spirit is with me, in me and upon me. But there's big difference.
With me is before I got saved, to help me getting saved; In me is when I was born again; but on me is for a season, for a reason.
The presence and the power of the Spirit are two concepts. We often get mixed up.
When we worship, the presence comes. But too often we just enjoy the presence, have a good time and leave. The power is hiding in the midst of the presence. The anointed preachers knows how to find the key to unlock and tap into His power and release His gifts, like healing,deliverance,etc. Often in a meeting there comes a moment, often only 10 seconds or so, the longest lasting not more than 1 minute, when that's a moment for the preacher to respond quickly, to surrender and catch the chance. If he misses that moment, he misses it all and nothing happens in the meeting. But if he catches and responds, the power manifests. And that happens every time in his crusades.
There also comes with moments of wrestling. Like Elisha following Elijah, and he was fired 3 times, but he was determined to not to give up. Sometimes the Holy Spirit would want to leave and lift, but the preacher needs to be like Jacob, wrestle and ask Him to stay and bless.
But the foundation is the word. You need to know the Word well to be able to release His power.
Then there's this lifetime calling. When God calls you, you have a choice, either to respond and follow, and drop everything your doing, or to "say goodbye to the family, bury the dead, finishing off the business,etc". If you don't respond, you'll miss your chance. But if you do respond, it'll be heaven to you, and you'll have nothing to lose.

He used a lot of examples and demonstrations to make these vivid and easy to understand.

The whole time this old Chinese saying sticks with my mind...."The spiciest ginger is the older ones." Unlike Hillsong, everything's flash, young, fresh and modern, Benny Hinn worshippers are older, a little bald and grey, a bit old fashioned, but the anointing and sense of presence was so strong. This actually speaks a whole LOT to me.

I couldn't wait to go back at night time. This time I didn't bring my baby. And Millie saved me a very front seat close to the stage. She didn't leave after the morning service and waited the whole time there. There were football and basket ball games at Telstra Stadium so the traffic was shocking. But the meeting was wonderful, there were so many people getting saved....after four long songs people were still coming, they filled up the front section, then the sides, then just about every walking space up the stairs.... it was awesome. Then the healing part began, but my phone showed this SMS from Peter....Bode wants his mom!!! So very reluctantly I left.

It wasn't easy for me to have a baby with me in the meeting for more than 3 hours, but I so enjoyed it. I cried a few times. And don't mention Millie....she's wild with joy.

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