Beautiful Day

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004  
Weekend at Port Macquarie

We had a great time at Port Macquarie. The wedding was beautiful, Peter said it was the best one he's ever attended. It was a bit pity that just when the fun part of the wedding started, our baby summoned us home, but I can't complain too much, as it was already from 2:45 to 9pm. Then we went to the beach on Sunday, the kids had a wild time. They loved it. The water was too cold for me, but the kids(especially Kate) didn't mind it at all. Port Macquarie is always great for a holiday, I just wish it could be 2 weeks instead of 2 days.
Peter bought a pair of shoes for Kate, and she fell in love with them immediately. The problem is they turned out to be a little bit too short(Peter bought it, that's why.) So we tried to take them off so we could change them. Gosh, talk about drama! kate simply refused to let go of them shoes. She'd fight and protect them with her life. She just couldn't understand and trust us enough that we'd give them back to her, that will just suit her better. Well, in the midst of all these, I just couldn't help relating to this saying, "He fits me like a pair of shoes." Sometimes we want to hang on to something or someone so tightly, but are the shoes exactly the right size? Can we just trust God enough that if we give Him the shoes back that He'd simply replace them and give us the ones with the right size back? Maybe that's one of the most popular reasons for an unhappy marriage, that the shoes we decided to hang on to was one size too small. They look ok and fine for now, but once we start our journeys, they'll start to look awkward and they'll make you hurt!
Am I making any sense? Or have I gone too far?
Ok, back to the holiday. It was great to see Peter's family and friends. We decided to come back late Sunday night, as the kids might all go to sleep. Ellie and Jamie fell asleep in no time, they've been running wild at the beach. But Kate must have got over tired, and got a bit sick as well, it took quite some effort to get her eventually to sleep. Then there's a huge storm on the way back, and somehow my side of the car window leaked. Just as well I had two pillows with me, I didn't get wet, only two wet pillows. I did send Ellie to school on Monday as usual, but when she got back from school, she went straight to bed and slept until nearly 7.
Phil Baker's Bible study blog starts on Wednesday. Just as well, I got two more days to sleep in. But from tomorrow, I'm planning to start getting up a bit earlier to spend some time in the Words. It's gonna be fun.

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