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    Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

My 80's

Living Room is having this fun game, so I thought I'll participate.
I was a student all the time during the 80's. It was a time of dreams. The first thing that came into my mind about the 80's was the burning hot passions toward different dreams. First I wanted to be a volleyball player, then I was crazy about being an Opera singer. I was madly in love with different people, but none of that had any results. By now you probably have already figured out I was then a teenager, your right.
The biggest thing happened to me during the 80's is I became a Christian. Just give you this one glimpse you'll have an idea what it's like to be a Christian in China: While at college, we had 6 people sharing a dorm(for 5 years at college). I was a very active Christian. But none of my roommates knew I was a Christian until years later while in Australia I found out another roommate was a Christian,too! well, maybe one more glimpse, my auntie said something careless in her teenage years, not anything real wrong, just a bit careless, like "so what's that about?"...She was in jail for 10 years. My parents led me to Christianity in my early teens. It only took them 10 minutes. But no more after that for fear factors. So for years I knew there's a God but I had no means to know anything more. I prayed. It was very interesting to read some of the prayers I wrote down in my diary at that time. If you read it, you'd probably laugh and say,"What a vanish girl!"
Then there was the College entrance exam. I have been praying to this God that I didn't even really know- I hardly even knew His name is Jesus. But during the College entrance exam, which is the turning point for so many young people, I experienced a lot of miracles. For example, in my maths exam, there were two problems that worth 20 points each(total full mark is 120). They were whole page problems and would require 30 minutes each to solve. I had worked on both of them for about an hour(altogether 2 hours) and just couldn't figure out how to start. Now there's only 10 minutes left, I was hopelessly thinking, here you go, 40 points gone, no colleges for this year... And suddenly, a fresh thought flashed like a lighting came into my mind. I instantly knew how to solve both the two problems. I ran my pen as quickly as I could, it wasn't my speed of solving the problem, I just let the pen ran almost by itself. and just as I finished the last stroke, the bell rang, and I finished the two big problems in 10 minutes! As I went home I shared this incredible incidence with my mom. She said, she was very busy working that morning, and totally forgot about my exam... then suddenly she had a shake. It was like someone pushed her. She looked at her watch, there were 10 minutes left before my exam finish. So she immediately quit what she was doing and prayed for me. And it was at that precise moment I knew exactly how to do the problem. Well, this is probably one of around a dozen miracles I experienced during College entrance exam, which paved my way to my college in Beijing, where my faith grew. And it was a college I always knew God wanted me to be in. It was a very unique college where there were 5000 foreign students from all over the world. There're lots of missionaries among the foreign students and it was there I had a chance to be presented the whole gospel message.
I experienced lots of miracles as my faith grew.
Another interesting incidence I had in the 80's is I was in an underground church for a while. We were a group of very close friends. Especially this guy, I trusted him so much, I treated him like my own brother, I told him every secret I had, I asked his advice for everything I did(My parents were in south China, too far away)..... and it turned out that he was a spy and he turned the whole group over to the police. And then he and the police made everyone believe that I was the spy and all of a sudden nobody talked to me any more and I lost just about all my friends for the time. And until the end of the 80's I still couldn't find a fellowship. But instead, I had a good time in the 89 Tiananmen movement. I wasn't into politics, but for a few months we didn't have to go to classes and we had lots of fun camping all night at Tian An men square...... lots of love stories and unforgetable memories among the students.

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