Beautiful Day

    Saturday, August 23, 2003  


Peter's finally happy with his car.
He had so much trouble with his van before. The gear-box blew up. The first quote to fix it nearly choked him, which was 7000 dollars. After a while, he found a cheaper deal, but it was still 4000 dollars. We took the car over to the other side of Sydney to get it fixed, and the mechanics spent hours and days on it, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Eventually after nearlly 3 months time, we finally got his van back. During this period of time, he had to use my car for work for a while,which meant our kids couldn't go to schools and lessons. Then he borrowed two cars from different friends. But after only a week, the gear-box's not working again. We took it back again, and waited another few weeks. The van worked alright after that, but it's sort of scary. We finally decided to sell it. He really can't afford any time on the selling, as it takes a lot of hassle to take all the tools out, clean it and make it presentable for any buyers. So one Sunday he told the Lord that he's gonna believe he will sell it that day. The whole day passed and nothing happened. But he still believed the car should be sold on that day. He has a bad habit, that he hardly ever checks his messages on the answering machines. On Thursday someone rang him up asking him about the van. He told him that he had left a message on his mobile phone on Sunday. He came and he drove the van away in the same day. He left his car with Peter as a trade in, which had 2 weeks rego left. Peter had a car to drive to work at least for a while. And on the last day before the rego ran out, he sold the car at the price he wanted, and in the same evening, he found a station wagon that he really liked, and he bought it straight away. The insurance company that he was with before refused to insure for his wagon as they told him the price he paid was 10,000 dollars under the market value, so he had to change another company to do that. He bought it at an auction, where at the same night, there were quite a few other wagons, with the same model, same year, were all sold around $10,000 dearer. And the value we got for his van was 1800 dollars more than his asking price, can you believe it?
I can see that he's so happy with his new wagon now, and all of the kids and me like it,too. It's 2000 Holden Berlina station Wagon. It's a beauty.

Editorial: God is faithful. The principle of Job(Job42:10) does work!

    As seen by Susan @ 10:15 PM

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