Beautiful Day

    Monday, August 04, 2003  
Be thankful for everything

Turn Around

At times when I look at my friends, around the world, I start to have different feelings. And before I realise it, these feelings can creep up into lots of poisonous elements in my whole being. Uncontiously I start to compare myself with different people and I could be anywhere end up miserable. Like, look at this one, she didn't even go to a good college in China and she's having a good job and she's successful. And what about that one, he's got a doctor's degree, and I can't even finish my TAFE. That girl, she was so ordinary before, now she's teaching in top university...... and this boy, how come he can make that much money!! And consequently, I start to become bitter and angry. I start to complain, and try to find someone to blame.
I could let these go on and on and I'll get totally lost. But a gentle,soft voice in my heart says, no! you can't let these dominate you. You can't let your thoughts go wherever they like. You've got to control it, and turn them AROUND!
OK, turn them around! So What should I be thinking? What should I be focusing my thoughts on? I feel the voice keep saying, be thankful! Be grateful for what you've got. Keep a heart of thanksgiving and praise.
So I'm gonna let my thoughts turn to that direction:
Thank God, I have three beautiful children that everone just keep telling me how cute, how lovely they are. My big daughter Ellie's teacher told her, I wish I had thirty Ellies in my class. She kept telling me in the mornings how she had dreams about heaven and Jesus and angels were dancing with her. She said there are beautiful flowers, Mom and Dad, sisters, we were all dancing and laughing. Oh, how touched was I when I heard those words! She was prophesied that she's gonna be a dancer. She's five now, and she's gonna do her Ballet grade 1 exam this month.
And Jamie and Katie, what blessings they are! They really deserve my time and every effort.
And my beloved husband! He works so hard to meet the family's need. He's the hero of all our girls. And all of us (me and the kids)adore him and crave for the time he can be with us.
He has the best workmanship and he's a very responsible person. He has such a tender and loving heart towards the children. He's really a man that I can comfortably rely on. He's a good man. Most importantly, he has a calling from God and he has a close relationship with Jesus. I can trust him at all times, such men are hard to find in the world today. What gain do you have if you have a good career but having a broken family?
Thank you Jesus, What a beautiful and precious Lord you are!
When I start to think about what Jesus had done in my life, I really can't put down to words now. They are like sands of the seashore, how can I count them down?
I cherish my Lord, He gives me a purpose in my life. He lets me know who I am and where I am going and I trust Him that he's faithful and he's powerful and he'll take me to my destiny.
I'm so thankful to Him, that He makes my days so meaningful and no matter what the circumstances I might be in, I can still be full of joy and peace. I really can't imagine now to live a single day without Jesus. That'll be so empty and so meaningless.
I'm thankful that whenever I feel hurt and down, I can always go to Him, and He will comfort me and heal me, and then He'll charge me up, full of faith and strength again!
I'm thankful, that there's a quiet place for me to go, where all my needs are met, all my tears are wiped off, all I feel is warmth and love, His gentle touch and loving words, that surrounds me, overwhelms me, ....oh, there's no words that can describe that feeling, it's so wonderful.

Be thankful. Be thankful for everything. This is the joy of life.

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