Beautiful Day

    Friday, May 13, 2011  
My beloved

The time is coming, the time is here;
Water is rising, Spirit is here;
Shout out His praise, the Master is rejoicing.

Come, My beloved, daughter of many treasures,
come to my dwelling place of the richest joy.

I've laid my nest, I've set my feast,
daughter of the most high king,
come away with Me.

My arms are ready, My heart is racing,
Come my bride,
come take your place!

    As seen by Susan @ 1:12 AM

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    Sunday, April 25, 2010

I was wondering what the meaning of worship is, like why do we do worship, and how is it going to do to us.And as I was preparing for the song "soon", I felt that I found some answers in this song.
Soon and very soon...The time is near, the time is here. Depends on how you take it, for unbelievers, it can mean never. For some, it can mean generations from now, Some has preached Jesus's coming next Thursday, if not next Thursday, it'll be the following Friday...but for the ones who "have a ear to listen and have an eye to see", It's NOW. At this very moment.

My King is coming...The Lord is knocking on the door of our hearts. He wants to come in, to live inside of us, and to live through us. When we worship, we're saying, "Lord, here I am, I'm opening myself to you, please come in, please come now!" And as we do that, we'll see His presence, we'll feel His love.

When I see Him I shall be made like Him......when we see Him, His manifested presence, we'll see the reality of things. We'll see what God sees, we'll hear His voice and know His will, do what God wants us to do, we'll have His heart, and have His power and anointing. We'll be transformed.

I'll be going to the place He has prepare for me....When Jesus left, He was going to prepare places for us. When He comes into our hearts, He'll take us to the places He has prepared for us. For example, when you listen to Hillsong songs, or when you listen to songs from "Streams of praise"赞美之泉, you know that many songs are from heaven, but they're from different "rooms" of heaven? Jesus has also made a room, a special room just for you, that only you can go, and only you can bring that anointing and gifting back to earth to represent that part of Him on earth. You can only be you, and only in Him you'll find the purposes that He has created and prepared for you. We'll find our callings and purposed in Him as we worship, and in that place we'll know that it's Him that has enabled us, and although we can fail and have inadequacies, it's not about human strength, it's purely His grace and loving kindness.

I will be with the One I love, with unveiled face I'll see him, there my soul will be satisfied....Jesus lives in us, and we live in Him. In Him we find who we are and our purposes, and He lives through us on earth. We're created for that intimate fellowship of abiding, and only in that place we'll find deep satisfaction and joy.I heard a preacher saying, he's been very busy doing ministry work, and he hasn't got time to play golf. Then one day he heard the Lord say to him, "why don't you play golf any more?" the preacher said, he was too busy. then he heard the Lord say, "but I like playing golf, and only when you play golf, I can play on earth...I enjoy a good game,but I can't play without you."

See the procession, the angels and the elders around the throneAt His feet I'll lay my crowns my worship....This takes our eyes off this world and see the reality of eternity. See His judgement, His evaluation of my life....see what's important and what's not in eternity. From that place Abraham can offer up Isaac, willing to kill his only beloved son, seeing the reward; from that place the disciples can just instantly leave behind their career, their families and everything else to follow Jesus; from that place 宋尚节 threw his doctor's degree from USA into the sea, and became a servant for God to China; and from that place Jesus went up to the cross.

My crowns: what's most important...what's my highest achievement, who I'm known as, what we hold onto closely and what's our core value.When we change our value to God's eternal value, it's true worship and true sacrifice.

Though I have not seen Him, my heart knows Him well...Jesus is real, He's alive, He lives in me ...we're in a relationship.....every day, every Jesus Christ the Lamb the Lord of heavenJesus Christ is our ultimate example to follow: on earth He's a lamb, but in heaven, in eternity, He's Lord of Lords!

    As seen by Susan @ 9:55 PM

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You hold me now

Last time when singing "still", I was thinking about our perspectives toward storms in life. Like Job in the Bible, although he lost everything for a while, God blessed him back double portion. There's blessings behind storms. If we look up to Jesus, like Peter stepped out of the water, we're actually closer to God on top of the storms, and we'll see His blessings, but if we look down on the storm, like Peter did looking down the water, we'll sink and lose perspective and lose faith and hope, and miss the blessings! If we jump on top of the storm, and go with the flow, we can actually surf! Or put it another way, it's like going on a rollercoaster ride, although looking scary on the outside, inside we're holding on to the safety bar and we know we'll be fine.

But life still happens. Sometimes we believed, and we prayed, we did all we knew how....and still things happen not like we'd like it the way to happen. Sometimes we lose,and have disappointments, but don't see blessed back straight away like Job did. "You hold me now" to me is about enlarging our perspective to eternity. Sometimes we can't understand God, even for a whole life time. Sometimes we don't see God's blessings straight away. But if we can remain our hope and trust in God, we know we'll see the whole picture in eternity.
Here're some examples, When Reinhard Bonnke first went to Nigeria, it didn't seem to be a success. He encountered massive persecution and hundreds of local christians were killed, and he had to flee out of the country with no obvious hope that he'd ever be back again. But 10 years later, there was millions of salvation when it's God's time to fight back. Those Christians killed were life seeds sowed into eternity for massive harvest. When Jesus died, people at the time thought all hope's gone, all is lost. But in eternity? well u know. Rachel and Leah's an interesting comparison. Rachel seemed to be a happy girl in her time, she won her man's favour. Leah seemed miserable in her lifetime, rejected by her husband. But in eternity? Matt2:18"A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more." And Leah? well Jesus was her descendant!

Have you ever had a broken heart, have you ever even prayed like Leah..." Lord, let Jacob love me, I love him so much....don't give him to Rachel!" or "Let me be as pretty as Rachel..." and find God never answered your prayer? wow...look out, you might even have Leah's favour in eternity

God can never fail. If we put our trust and hope in Him, through joy and pain, we'll never lose in Him.Sometimes we can't see or understand it for our whole life time, or even for generations, only eternity can tell. Don't lose perspective. Don't let the enemy take your eyes away from Him and rob your heritage away in eternity through any kind of disappointments or set backs.

"For eternity, all my heart will give...." Let's sing it with our convictions!

    As seen by Susan @ 9:44 PM

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    Monday, September 22, 2008

It's been a year now since I last blogged about Jamie. She's well and healthy. Totally back to normal life. This is a recent photo of her at the snow.

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    Friday, September 05, 2008
Some Chinese sayings

Found this in a Chinese blog:































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The Word becomes flesh

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Gord was God...And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us..."(John 1:1.....14)
Do you realise that the Word is still alive, and He's living in us?
Do you hear Him? Do you prophesy? Do you have revelation? Do you know that there's a voice, a Word that speaks in you when your "ears" are turned on?
Then that's Him. The Word in you, if you can hear, is the flesh of Jesus.

When you hear the word, I mean fresh rhema word, the whisper in your spirit, do you also feel a passion, a new heart in you as well? Well, that's the blood of Jesus, pumped into you by the air you breathe, which is the Holy Spirit, from the Father's heart. Can you feel Father's heart in you when you hear His Word? Blood always goes hand in hand with the air we breathe, which is to sustain the flesh.

Do you want Jesus to live in you? Then pay attention, He is! You have the flesh, the blood, and the air...... Are you living for Him, or in other words, let Him live in you, or are you crucifying Him, or walking away from Him? Are you responding to the word in you?

The Word is not black and white words as in Bible. It's not religious. He spoke when He created heaven and earth, He spoke at the times when the Bible was written, and He's still speaking. When you respond to this Word, you'll have the heart for it, and the power and presense of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, He's me! Isn't that awesome!

    As seen by Susan @ 1:23 PM

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    Monday, September 03, 2007
Audible voice

Jamie heard a voice calling her name last night. We believe that she heard an audible voice of God. She was in bed, but she was fully awake.

Peter had a few experiences like that before. The last time he did, when I just got pregnant with Bode, he heard a clear voice saying,"it's a boy!" while brushing his teeth. Although the ultrasound lady told us it's a girl, he still believed we had a boy, and it turned out to be Bode.

Jamie's been amazing. She's been back to school for quite a while now. Even at hospital days, she'd still go to school for the morning session and I'd pick her up at morning tea time like 11:30 or so and took her to hospital just before they close, and if we finish early, she'd go back to school for the last hour.... She's been back to dance and choir for a while, too.
Last Friday I borrowed 50 books for her from the library and by Sunday she's already finished.
She's doing quite good with school work, doesn't seem to fall behind.
She's so strong and resilient in her spirit.
She's developed a "niche anointing" for carparks... Every time we needed a car park space, we'd just get her to pray, and we always seemed to get one. Sometimes we forgot to ask her to pray, and we couldn't find any space, and as soon as we got her to pray, someone would pull off just right in front of us! (LOL)

    As seen by Susan @ 9:39 PM

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    Friday, August 31, 2007
A few recent pictures

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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Back to school

Jamie went back to school today (yay!). Thanks Kerry :)

She should have been back much earlier, but she didn't want to. She quite enjoyed staying home. But over the weekend she was invited to a school friend's birthday party and that really motivated her to go back to school.

She still didn't feel quite comfortable about the break time at school, so she wanted me to pick her up before morning tea break this morning. She just wanted to go there for a short while. But when I picked her up, she was quite happy there and wanted to stay longer. She asked if she can go to school for the whole day tomorrow...

The hospital has sent a community nurse to the school to talk to the staff meeting and also to her class. So they're all well prepared... Jamie felt very welcomed back to school.

    As seen by Susan @ 7:11 PM

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    Saturday, May 19, 2007
The battle goes on

Since the blog post of the bone marrow test result, quite a few people have asked me the question, so is she healed? will the treatment stop,etc.?

Well from the doctors' point of view, it's an expected result for this stage. It should happen for most patients to have the cancer in remission at this stage of treatment. But they'll not say a patient is cured until the cancer is clear for at least 5 years. The treatment plan for Jamie goes on for at least 2 years.

I guess that in some way cancer's a bit like head lice. It's easy to get rid of live head lice after some brushing and combing, but then the battle comes in dealing with the nits. If the nits are not completely dealt with, then the hair might appear to be clean, but after a while the lice will come back.

So likewise in remission doesn't mean the finish of treatment. The treatment will still go on to deal with the hidden nits of cancer.

She's in treatment protocol 1, which is nearly coming to an end. Then she'll start another block of treatment, which includes staying in the hospital for 4 days or so every fortnight for 4 times.

Jamie's been coping quite well. She's been doing heaps of things, like walking around on roller skates, falling off Billy cart, walking around shopping centres, running, jumping with the eye toy game,etc. She's been quite cheerful most of the times.

    As seen by Susan @ 11:50 AM

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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's been quite good these last few days, although I felt a bit lazy about blogging.

Jamie's been doing heaps of things, going out shopping, library, park, feeding ducks at the lake, restaurants, reading heaps of books, doing school works...... She's got heaps of energy. She doesn't sleep during the days, and she's always the first one to wake up in the mornings.

We went to hospital on Tuesday this week, and then the nurse comes every day till Friday.
Her platelet continued to be good, and her white cell and Neutrophil count had a big jump. Her neutrophil count had been between 0.3-0.8, and yesterday was 3.1, white cell from previous 1.6 to 4.2 which was quite an improvement as well.

She doesn't want to go to school until her chubby cheek goes down.

She has stopped taking steroids, but her appetite is still quite good....but no more 3am meals(thank goodness!)...

We're all in good spirit.

    As seen by Susan @ 11:57 AM

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    Sunday, May 06, 2007
Blessings from day 11

I was reading the book "Blessing Your Spirit", and here at day 11's blessing, these few passages kept lingering over my thoughts:

"I bless you with enough problems in life and God's rescuing you from those problems that you no longer fear problems because they become an opportunity for God to show Himself strong. I bless you with the blessing that Daniel had of living so long with God and experiencing His faithfulness so many times that when he was in the lion's den, he was not overwhelmed with fear. The animals' mouths were bound, and they could not bite him.

I bless you, with the same security that David had, to walk into the enemy's camp and leave with Saul's spear and water bottle. I bless you with experiencing your Father's intervention so often and on such a profound level that you are emotionally secure. I bless you with seeing Him do remarkable things to rescue you, so that you can go before God's people and share glory stories of what God did on your behalf, and how He activated events to rescue you from the trap of the enemy designed to destroy you.


I bless you with not just enjoying the emotion of release and rescue, but also translating those experiences into acts of worhip. I bless you with worshiping and glorifying God, encouraging His people, and memorializing His power after a magnificent rescue....."

    As seen by Susan @ 7:10 PM

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    Thursday, May 03, 2007
Blessing your spirit

I am tremendously blessed by the concepts of this ministry. (click on today's blessing and listen to it for a few days!)

If you've been into deliverance, inner healing,etc. and found yourself saying, there's got to be a better way, then this might really interest you. A cousellor friend of mine who's highly experienced in deliverance and inner healing introduced this concept to me. She ministered to me over the phone for a few days and I'm just overwhelmed by the power of this concept. It's very contagious.

    As seen by Susan @ 8:02 PM

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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007
The bone marrow test

Today started a new phase of treatment. For the next coming four weeks she'd only need to go to the hospital once a week, then a nurse will come home to give her some injections 3 times a week. Well this is the treatment plan, but anything can change any time.

The bone marrow test came out very good. There's no cancer shown in the bone marrow test...Yay! So the treatment has been very effective. The blood count had a big jump...her platelet count has been very low for a long time, usually around 20-30. She had to be given platelet just about every week, which will push the number up to over 100 for a few days then dropped back to 20 or so again. She hasn't been given platelet for maybe 2 weeks now, but the number today is 356. So that's a good thing.

    As seen by Susan @ 12:19 AM

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    Sunday, April 29, 2007
An early morning trip to the hospital

Jamie has been quite cheerful in the last couple of days. She's been reading heaps and eating heaps. Sometimes I find it hard to catch up with her....she eats a meal every two hours!

She's been feeling quite well except when she wakes up in the middle of the night she'd have tummy pains. We gave her some panadol then usually she'd go back to sleep in a few minutes.

But last night she woke up around 3am and was crying of tummy pain.... then she complained of a suspicious chest pain. Peter rang up the hospital and they told him to bring her in straight away. So Peter took her in around 5am. And on the way to the hospital a friend (one of her dance teachers) sent a SMS on Peter's mobile asking how Jamie was and then said that she was praying for her....(at 5am!) Well this is very cool.

The doctors did some tests on Jamie and said she was fine. And they came home around 9am......phew!

The blood count has jumped up quite a bit, which is a very good thing.

Jamie said she just can't stop smiling these days....hmm

I asked her if she was tired being up since 3am, she said no, and she wanted to go to bowling...
We ended up playing some card games then she had quite a few friends over to play for the whole afternoon. She played for a long time in the backyard....swings, trampoline...making lots of noises.

Tomorrow will start a new phase of chemo therapy. It'll be a big day for her at the hospital for the first day, having 6 hours of treatment...then a nurse will come to give her treatment at home for a few days....this pattern will go on for a few weeks.

    As seen by Susan @ 11:14 PM

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    Thursday, April 26, 2007
1st visit back to school

Finally Jamie had her bone marrow test done today.....

Peter took her in around 7:30am this morning, and by the time I arrived at the hospital at 9:30am, she's nearly finished. Normally I had to wait a couple hours before any treatment even started. We waited for a while for her to wake up and then had a bit of rest, then we left the hospital at around 10:30 (hooray!).

She feels quite happy today, so I took her to Parramatta the vietnamese noodle shop again(of course!)for some lunch. She ate a whole big serve all by herself. Then we went to the shopping centre....she got some nice clothes, hat, shoes, backpack for her new build-a-bear, then some clothes and shoes for herself at pumpkin patch.

She still wasn't feeling tired and she was quite bubbling, so I took her to school for a visit. Her teacher and friends at school were all quite excited and happy to see her......they had so many questions!

I think she might like to go back to school soon....maybe next week.

    As seen by Susan @ 2:42 PM

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    Tuesday, April 24, 2007
A passage from the book "Dream Language"

I read a few pages from a book called "Dream Language" by James W. and Michal Ann while at hospital. I found this passage quite interesting and encouraging:

"One dream that had great significance for me personally occurred in August 2003. I saw a great army coming up to me. Huge in number, the closer they got the more formidable they seemed to me. I began to fear that they were going to overwhelm me completely. Then, suddenly, the whole perspective of my dream changed. I was standing on a horizontal plain, on the same level as they, and as they approached I began to grow, rising up until I saw two or three times my normal stature. Now I was looking down on my enemies. That huge army, once so formidable in appearance, now seemed to be nothing more than little stick figures only a few inches tall, lined up in neat little rows.

As I surveyed this changed scene, a word came to me on the wind(often a sign of angelic activity):"And your enemies shall become like grasshoppers in your own sight."

I woke up and thought, "Wow! that will really preach good!" I thought the dream was imparting a message for me to teach others --and it may have been. However, about three weeks later I found a suspicious lump under my skin, which quickly grew to the size of a cluster of grapes. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer.

I thought back to my dream of a few weeks before. Little had I "dreamed" at the time that I would be the one who needed the message of that dream! Yet God knew. Isn't He such a gracious and merciful and loving Father! .........."

    As seen by Susan @ 11:52 PM

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Home sweet home

Jamie still didn't do her bone marrow test today....the white cell is still too low. But she was discharged from the hospital. Finally she gets to have some undisturbed sleep.

She'll need to go to the clinic at the hospital on Thursday this week. Again, if her blood count is good, she'll have her bone marrow test done then.

    As seen by Susan @ 6:05 PM

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    Monday, April 23, 2007

Yesterday (Sunday)Jamie came home again for the afternoon and went back to the hospital in the evening. Today's the same, afternoon break and back in the evening. She's been having antibiotic for a few days and today they stopped. Her blood count is good this morning. She's scheduled again for the bone marrow test tomorrow, if the blood count tomorrow morning is still ok. Then hopefully she can come home after that.

She finds it very hard to sleep at the hospital, although she's always in bed. The machine which gives her blood and medicine beeps every few minutes and the nurse comes in every few she's not used to sharing the room with daddy....he snores so loud! (LOL)

She quite likes her new look, and actually she said she wanted to keep her hair this short even if the hair grows back. She looked at the mirror and said she looked like a little budgie, so my husband calls her budgie as a nick name now.

    As seen by Susan @ 4:47 PM

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    Saturday, April 21, 2007
A nice little break for a new look

Jamie's been staying in hospital since Wednesday and will probably be in hospital for a few more days. But today she's allowed to come home for just a few hours in between treatments.

She left hospital just after 12, and we took her to castle towers for some vietnamese noodle soup. She had three bowls of noodles. Then we got her a new hat and some games.

Some friends came over to play with her. A friend of mine who's a hairdresser gave her a haircut. Not a complete shave, but more like a Bode's look. She did it while the friends were around and she didn't mind. She's quite happy with the new look and she likes to wear the new hat. She was quite bored at the hospital so this little break brought a lot of smiles to her. Then she had to return to the hospital at 5pm.

Bode's been quite sick for the last couple of days. High fever. So it's been a bit tricky juggling between the two of them. Yesterday I had to tell Peter to take a day off work. He's much better now. I hope tomorrow he'll be back to normal.

    As seen by Susan @ 8:12 PM

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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Back in hospital

Jamie was scheduled to do a bone marrow test today to see how she's going with chemo, but was canceled as she wasn't well enough. Her white cell is too low. She has coughs. And she has a bit of temperature. So she was admitted back to the hospital for a few days until her condition improves.

She's been quite moody. Her hair has fallen out a lot, but she refuses to have them cut or wear a hat. So she's looking a bit awkward but she doesn't care.

She's not at the camperdown ward this time. Because she's got the coughs, so they put her at the variety club ward, 3rd floor, same end as camperdown ward, but walk along towards the car park.

    As seen by Susan @ 6:20 PM

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    Saturday, April 14, 2007
My previous experience with leukemia

About 15 years ago I was working at a uni in Beijing. I was fellowshipping with 3 other Christians as a small group at the time. One day one of them told me that one of her workmates who was a teacher at the uni got leukemia and was at the hospital. I don't know this teacher but we decided that three of us would go visit her at the hospital.

At that time I guess there was no efficient cure for leukemia. She stayed at one of the top hospitals in Beijing, and according to the hospital record since the hospital was founded, there was only one patient who got out of the hospital after 6 months of treatment. The teacher had quite severe leukemia and she was given 3 months to live.

When we got to the hospital, she looked quite pale. Both she and her husband were very depressed. They were both communist party members. My Christian friend shared with her about our faith and offered to pray for her. They were not quite sure about becoming Christians but agreed to let us pray for her. So we did.

A week later we went back to the hospital to see her. She looked really happy and her face looked normal. She told us that all her tests came out to be normal, and she just needed to excercise a bit from lying on the bed so much. A month later she went back to work.

    As seen by Susan @ 12:53 PM

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Read till you drop !

Jamie's been feeling a lot better these days. She went to church at Hillsong women on Thursday, went to the library yesterday, she wanted us to take her out to the club for dinner or bowling last night but we didn't end up taking her, and she's now at the waves swimming pool watching other kids swim. She didn't want to go anywhere before.

We borrowed a lot of books from the library yesterday around lunch time. And before Jamie went to bed last night, she's read about 50 books!

    As seen by Susan @ 9:13 AM

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    Friday, April 13, 2007
Bode's turning one!

It's Bode's birthday today....yay!!

I don't think Bode can care less about his birthday.... but Jamie's been so excited about his first birthday. She's been counting down the days, and she's been planning. She wanted us to take him to lollipops or playgyms, and then take him to a Vietnamese restaurant for noodle soup, and to RSL club for dinner.... She wrapped up his presents and waited beside his bed for him to wake up this morning and taught him how to open his presents...... she's such a little teacher.

Treatmentwise she's been coping well. Blood pressure is still slightly high, but she hasn't been complaining much about headaches. She has strong cravings for food, like yesterday at hospital she called daddy that she wanted Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, so poor daddy had to go to the restaurant in parramatta to get her some. Then she woke up 2am and had a huge bowl of pasta. Sometimes she can be a bit moody. When she gets bored, she bites her nails....there's absolutely nothing left in the nails for her to bite, but she still plays and bites nails for hours.... anyone has any clue how to deal with this? Every time she goes to hospital, she has to have two needles, one on finger and one on bottom. She doesn't mind the finger one too much, but she hates the bottom one. But finally there's only one more to go and she's so looking forward to when it's all finished. (well for this treatment phase at this stage) After next week it'll get a lot easier, she'll be mostly at home, and a nurse will come home to give her some chemo treatments. She will need another bone marrow test next week to see how it's going.

    As seen by Susan @ 10:02 AM

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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jamie's been feeling heaps good since last Thursday. She hasn't been complaining much at all of any pains. She's been eating very well.

We had a very peaceful Easter. The highlight for the kids was an Easter egg hunt in the house. Jamie's been given so much chocolate over the last couple of weeks but she hasn't been eating any of them until Easter Sunday. (well she had 3 little eggs that's all.) She hasn't been wanting any chocolates...

We're at the hospital Tuesday and Thursday for this week. She's mostly home other times. She hasn't been wanting to go out much except a library trip for some books.

    As seen by Susan @ 3:10 PM

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    Monday, April 09, 2007
Some recent pictures

    As seen by Susan @ 11:00 PM

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    Sunday, April 08, 2007
Some old pictures of Jamie

I haven't got around to sort out the recent pictures, but here're some of the old pictures of Jamie that I have posted on this blog


    As seen by Susan @ 10:09 AM

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    Saturday, April 07, 2007
A quiet afternoon

So we went to the fish n chip shop near church for lunch. Jamie was really happy there. We were planning to go to the market for some wig after lunch, but it started pouring rain. So I decided to take baby and Jamie home while the rest went on with the shopping trip.

I asked Jamie if she wanted to do anything: watching a movie, having a friend over,etc. She said, nothing, just feel like a rest. So I let her rest, and I put baby to sleep. When I came out, I found she was reading a Bible. It's a kids Bible. I didn't suggest to her, or give the book to her. She found it on the bookshelf by herself. By the time daddy came home, she had read most of the kids Bible, and also a bit of Joyce Meyer's book, "Battlefield of the mind for kids". She told daddy, "I loved reading this Bible, it's so interesting! .......daddy, on my birthday, I only want books, so can you give me lots of books as presents?"

How sweet.

Well daddy didn't find a wig in the market. But I got one on ebay, it looks like this, Jamie picked it out herself.

    As seen by Susan @ 7:12 PM

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Oh happy day

Jamie came to my bedside around 5am this morning, "Can I have some vegies now?" So I got up and cooked and she ate a whole bowl of green vegies and some rice.

She came to our bedside again at 7am, with a big bright smile on her face,"I'm feeling good today, let's go to the fish n chip shop!" So Peter got up and made her some hot cross bun. She had two and still wanted more, then I told her to wait for a while otherwise she'd have a sore tummy. I went back to my room and put baby to sleep. By the time I came out, she had eaten another pile of hot chips and 6 nuggets...and she wanted to have a mango as well, and she still couldn't wait to go to the fish n chip shop for lunch.....oh my gosh.

Then she showed daddy a bunch of hair in her hand that she just pulled out......

Oh well, at least she's happy and she's been a chatter box all morning. :)

    As seen by Susan @ 10:11 AM

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    Friday, April 06, 2007
Roller Coaster

Yesterday at Hillsong women, Jamie went up to the front, and a few key pastors led the whole church prayed over her. It was such a moment. Pastor Bobbie gave her several CD and DVDs and a huge chocholate. While we were all praying, I felt my hands shaking, which is quite unusual.

Chemo starts to get a bit hard on Jamie. Although we explained to her a few times, and she read the book about chemo herself, I don't think she quite understands what's happening. Yesterday at the hospital, she had a big cry when it was the needle time again. Then last night, she lashed out on daddy, and refused to take medicine. She thought it was all daddy's was daddy who insisted on having a blood test to her, and ever since that she hasn't stopped having to have medicines and needles...and the more medicines she had, the sicker she felt...... she doesn't quite get it why so many people suddenly become so nice to her, either.

She constantly has tummy ache and headache, and in between that she has cravings for food.
Like yesterday before Hillsong women, she had a piece of raisin toast, and then for the whole morning she just kept asking me,"mommy, can I have another piece of raisin toast?" I asked her later what she liked most about church, and she said.....the toast (lol)
Usually it's quite an effort to get her to eat one spoonful of green leafy vegies, but last night she ate a whole bowl of green vegies by herself and she still kept thinking about it the whole night, and asked me for that this morning....I had to go to the shops to get some more this morning so she could have that for breakfast....(well she had dropped the toast already)...sounds like how I felt when I was pregnant.

Life at the moment feels like a roller coaster. Although there're some sudden turns and some scary moments, even some screams, inside I know I have a safety belt and I'm holding on tightly to the safety bar. It's a unusual type of's a roller coaster ride time!!! (BTW, roller coaster is Jamie's favourite ride, she's never scared of it.)

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